The Ultimate Guide to the Best Women’s Pickleball Shoes for Peak Performance on the Court

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women's pickleball shoes

The best pickleball shoes for women you can get in 2024 are the ones that fit your feet, your style, and your court. Pickleball is a fun and fast-paced sport that requires shoes that are comfortable, durable, and supportive, as well as provide good traction and stability on different court surfaces.

When looking for a great pair of women shoes to play pickleball, comfort should be at the top of your list. Look for sneakers with breathable fabric and a supportive midsole cushion like EVA foam that won’t wear down over time. You’ll also want something with plenty of traction to help you avoid slipping on the court, so make sure to look for rubber or herringbone patterned outsoles.

Expert Recommended Women’s Pickleball Shoes for 2024

ASICS Women's Gel-Challenger 12
ASICS Women’s Gel-Challenger 12
  • Rear foot and Forefoot GEL Technology
  • Ethylene Vinyl Acetate sole
  • Perfect Lateral Stability
  • Best Wide Fit Pickleball Shoes For Women
K-Swiss Women's Hypercourt Express 2
K-Swiss Women’s Hypercourt Express 2
  • Best Pickleball Shoes For Women
  • Lightweight And Durable Material
  • Aggressive Outsole Flex Grooves
  • Best Pickleball Shoes For Plantar Fasciitis
WILSON Women's Rush Pro Pickleball Shoe
WILSON Women’s Rush Pro Pickleball Shoe
  • Women Best Pickleball Shoes 2024
  • Soft DF2 Cushioning
  • Best Women Shoes For Plantar Fasciitis
  • Lightweight And Long-Lasting

This shopping guide is designed to help you find the best women’s court shoes for pickleball and that were made to last through heavy use on the court. And manufacturer warranties ensure you will not run into any foot problems even after prolonged use.

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6 Things You Must Consider When Buying Shoes To Play Pickleball – Buyers Guide!


Pickleball requires a lot of running, jumping, and pivoting. You want shoes that feel comfortable on your feet. The shoes should have a cushioned sole, so your feet don’t feel the impact when you land. A mesh upper will also ensure breathability and it helps reduce sweating.


You need shoes that provide the right amount of traction. The shoes’ sole should be made of rubber and the outsole should have a specific grip pattern that can tackle any surface. The grip pattern should be able to grip the court and give you enough traction so that you can move around without slipping.

Court Surface

Indoor courts generally require shoes with a non-marking soul, while outdoor courts might need heavier-duty soles.


The shoes you choose for pickleball should be lightweight. A lightweight shoe will ensure that your feet don’t get tired quickly and it allows you to move faster on the court.


The quality of the shoes is also an essential factor when selecting a pair of pickleball shoes. Look for shoes that are made with high-quality materials that aren’t easily worn out. This will ensure that your shoes last longer, and you don’t have to replace them frequently.


Look for shoes that are flexible enough to allow natural movement of your feet. Shoes with a flexible sole will allow you to move your feet around the court quickly and effortlessly.

Tennis shoes

Stylish Pickleball Shoes For Women In 2024 – Reviews

When it comes to pickleball shoes, our review goes above and beyond other guides. However, we’ve already provided large number of pickleball shoes to be found on the market. Here are the top 10 women’s shoes for pickleball you can get in 2024.

K-Swiss Hyper court – Best Wide Fit Women’s Shoe

Women's hyper court pickleball shoes
  • Rubber sole
  • Lightweight and breathable mesh is protected by Durawrap Flex and Drag Guard 7.0 technologies
  • Surge+ 7.0 is the brand’s premium lightweight cushioning system provides maximum energy return and soft underfoot cushioning
  • K-Swiss Pickleball Shoes For women
  • Molded EVA Sock Liner ensures a secure fit designed for competitive, aggressive movers
  • Ideal for hard court tennis, clay court tennis, outdoor pickleball, platform tennis playing surfaces

These supreme comfort tennis court shoes are built on the popular hyper court express platform to offer enhanced performance for competitive aggressive movers. A lightweight and breathable mesh upper is protected by Durawrap Flex and drag guard 7.0 technology. 

Hyper court supreme stands out from other hyper courts and its soft bootie construction designed for dynamic performance and a secure fit. New surge 7.0 midsole technology offers premium cushioning and energy return. On the outsole, the non-marking Astra 7.0 high-density rubber offers excellent traction and durability. You can expect both high-end performance and the same great comfort that runs through the line.

WILSON Women’s Rush Pro 4.0 – Best For Lateral Support

New release pickleball shoe
    • Lightweight Eva Foam Cushioning
    • Made In The USA Or Imported
    • Superior Stability And Control
    • Wilson Pro Pickleball Shoes For Wide Fit
    • Maximum Traction On All Surfaces
    • Best Women’s Sneakers For Pickleball 2024

Let’s take your game to the next level with the rush pro 4.0 from Wilson footwear. This fantastic tennis/pickleball shoe is made with a breathable textile upper. You’ve got seamless synthetic overlays and key areas for added structural support and protection of your foot and a unique lace-up design provides a secure fit.

This women’s pickleball shoe for wide fit also features a soft quick-drying textile lining and a removable ortholite foam footbed to help absorb shock. So, that keeps you comfortable as you play and also promotes a healthy foot environment with antimicrobial Properties.

Nevertheless, This 2023’s best women’s court shoe for pickleball itself has a sturdy flexible design that sits on top of a non-marking rubber outsole that also has additional midfoot and lateral support on all courts.

WILSON Rush Pro Ace – Best For Plantar Support

Wilson pickleball shoes for women
    • Asymmetrical heel-to-toe chassis delivers enhanced stability and limits supination for more controlled pivot movements while setting up for powerful strokes.
    • Rubber overlay in the medial area supplies additional durability and protection when dragging the foot.
    • High-density Ortholite foam offers maximum cushioning and impressive longevity
    • Best Pickleball Shoes For Plantar Fasciitis
    • Consummately durable rubber compound provides abrasion resistance and maximum traction on all surfaces
    • Heel-toe drop (9 mm) provides the best compromise between comfort and performance
    • The midsole foam offers the best combination of cushioning and rebound for dynamic performance

Upgrade your style and your game with this women’s Pickleball Shoe from Wilson. This court sneaker has a very durable upper that is made with lightweight breathable materials, using a textile mesh with synthetic overlays. Adding extra strength especially across the heel for a lockdown fit and on the inside, it uses reinforced material to give you more protection. 

The traditional lace-up is going to ensure that it fits just right. Also, it has a breathable textile lining that has lots of thick padding around the collar and the tongue for support.

Underneath it has a super athletic lightweight EVA insole for great impact absorption and rebound to keep you feeling great. While the outsole is going to make sure it’s incredibly stable with a non-marking rubber that’s super grippy with plenty of flex.

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ASICS Women’s Gel-Renma – Best Pickleball Shoes 2024

ASICS Women’s Gel-Renma – Best Pickleball Shoes 2023
    • Made in the USA or Imported
    • Forefoot GEL Technology Increases impact absorption during abrupt landings
    • Trusstic System Technology Improves support while reducing excessive twisting
    • Wrap-Up Outsole is teamed with a more comprehensive gauge
    • Best Court Shoes For Overpronation
    • Outsole Flex Grooves Strategically positioned to accommodate multi-directional moves
    • Lightweight And Durable Synthetic Leather
    • Wide Fit Pickleball Shoes For Women 2024

These court shoes for women’s are great for wearing while you playing volleyball, pickleball, or badminton indoors, because they have this Trusstic technology at the midsole that has great support and reduces access twisting. From the inside, there’s a really cushioned collar that provide a lot of support around the ankles and there is a really comfortable insole as well.

Perfect fit with the traditional lace-up closure at the front, also they have perforations on the upper for great breathability. Underneath they have a very durable and grippy outsole which is great for traction while playing on indoor hardwood courts.

Nike Tr6 Women’s Pickleball Court Shoes

women's best court shoe For pickleball

This Nike women’s pickleball shoe has a breathable mesh and synthetic upper material. Also, It has a faint logo design that looks really cool and a lace-up closure to get the best fit. While the interiors feature a slightly padded tongue and collar for cushioned comfort around the ankles. A soft fabric lining for a really great in-shoe feel. 

Ultra comfy women’s athletic shoe has an ortholite foam footbed which is removable and you can use your own custom orthotics. Also, dual-density foam midsole to make you more comfortable throughout the day. This all comes with a durable rubber outsole with pods that take your style and your training experience to a whole new level.

ASICS Gel-Rocket 10 – Comfortable Women’s Court Shoes

women court shoes for pickleball
  • Multi-Purpose Indoor Court Shoes For Women
  • Gel-Rocket 10 Excellent Cushioning
  • Lightweight And Breathable Upper
  • Ultra Comfy Women’s Shoes
  • Best Budget Court Shoes For Pickleball
  • Heel Gel Technology Cushioning Unit
  • Best Asics Women’s Pickleball Shoes

Asics Gel Rocket series has been incredibly popular because its durable multiple sports shoe for a relatively low price. It is the most comfortable and a non-marking court shoe and It’s been popular in squash, volleyball, badminton, probably handball and nevertheless pickleball.

Anything that’s a court sport it has been a popular shoe for pickleball and has that what feels like a fair amount of padding. You feel a little bit high off the ground and slightly unstable. However, If you’re scrambling around the court, It might work better but if you are playing pickleball or something. Where you’re not sprinting left and right quite as much, or you care more about getting good padding and bouncing of the shoes.

Mizuno Women’s Well Cushioned Court Shoes – Best For Indoors

Women's Court Shoes by Mizuno
  • 100% Synthetic
  • Truly Unique Design
  • Attractive Look With Plush Comfort
  • Most Comfortable All Court Shoes For Women
  • Web Traction Pattern & Excellent Stability
  • Women’s Best Pickleball Shoes Plantar Fasciitis

Give yourself the competitive edge and Balanced for a cushioned feel with speed and stability. This well cushioned court shoe is anatomically engineered with Wave technology to protect the ankle. Moreover, it has a synthetic upper with Diagonal flexible groove plus a diagonal groove in the mid foot area allows the player to turn at maximum speed and power by efficiently transferring natural body movement and shift in direction.

This Mizuno pickleball shoes has an endurance rubber outsole but it doesn’t have a lot of profile on it and it’s actually quite flat.

Adidas Women’s Defiant Bounce 2 – Best For The Speed

Adidas tennis/pickleball shoe

The Adidas Street style for the court with sleek, supportive textile upper. These women’s lightweight tennis + pickleball shoes hugs your foot for match-long comfort. A layer of responsive cushioning in the midsole keeps you on your toes, and TPU foil on the forefoot adds durability. This women’s pickleball shoes for wide feet is extremely comfortable to play all day.

Their lightweight and bouncy cushioning allows you to wear them for long hours game and you feel fresh and comfortable. These women’s pickleball shoes are the best orthopedic purpose shoes for those who suffer plantar fasciitis or have wide flat feet.

Women’s Gel-Challenger 13 – Premium Tennis/Pickleball Shoe

women's shoes for pickleball

Rear foot and Forefoot GEL Technology Cushioning System – Attenuates shock during impact and toe-off phases, and allows movement in multiple planes as the foot transitions through the gait cycle. These great women’s shoes from Asics features a breathable mesh upper with synthetic leather overlays throughout, that can help with structural support and stability.

On the front, it has a traditional lace-up design that’s gonna provide a secure fit padding on the tongue and collar with a soft cushioned footbeds. This gonna help absorb shock and reinforced stitching in the high wear areas for added durability.

This Asics women’s pickleball shoe has a lightweight foam cushioning at the forefoot, also It has a very flexible design with solid rubber that extends on the outside for lateral support. This all sits on top of a non-marking rubber outsole to keep you stable and features a pivot point for enhanced movement.

Make sure you serve up more comfort and support right where you need it with this Most stable plus comfortable shoe for athletic activities.

WILSON Women’s Rush Pro 3.0 – Best Pickleball Shoe Of All Time

WILSON Women's Rush Pro 3.0 Pb W Pickleball Shoes
  • Made In USA Or Imported.
  • Sensifeel 2.0 Layered Engineered Mesh Upper.
  • Best Sneakers for Heel pain.
  • Full Inner Sock Construction
  • Wide Fit Pickleball shoes for Women Best For Bunions
  • Best Women’s Pickleball Shoes 2024

These women’s pickleball court shoes from Wilson will give you comfort, stability, and control that you’ve been looking for. And this top rated women’s pickleball shoes have textile and synthetic upper with women-specific support.

Moreover, textile inner lining has padding around the collar for ankle protection. It also come with a removable Ortholite insole and that classic lace-up closure will allow you to get a secure fit. All of that is on top of a non-marking rubber outsole that features Duro-Last which is abrasion-resistant and will give you maximum traction on demanding surfaces.

Shoe Care Tips

To prolong the lifespan of your pickleball shoes:

  • Rotate between several pairs to avoid overuse.
  • Clean the soles to maintain grip and prevent dirt build-up.
  • Air dry your shoes after each game to prevent moisture damage.

Final words

Selecting the best pickleball shoe boils down to personal comfort, style preference, and specific requirements based on your level of play and foot anatomy. With the options provided above, you’re sure to find a pair that not only boosts your game but also elevates your confidence on the court.

Remember, the right pair of shoes can be a game-changer. They can enhance your performance, protect you from injury, and help you enjoy the game to its fullest. So, gear up, tie those laces, and get ready to dominate the pickleball court with style and comfort!