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Best Golf Shoes

Looking for the best golf shoe for yourself? Here you’ll find some top rated Spikeless and spiked golf shoes that are well known in golf shoe market.

They’ve Built with Durable waterproof material, excellent ground traction, and great on-course performers. Because of these reliable features, they’ve a positive reputation in their specific category.

What Golf Shoe Should I Buy?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as different golfers may have different preferences and needs when it comes to their footwear.

However, based on my research, I found some of the most recommended and highly rated golf shoes for various categories and features. Here are some of them

Why Choose The Best?

It is very important to have the right play wear in every sport. Because every player, even a pro or a beginner, desires to be the best in their playing sports, and that’s why they choose the best sportswear to accomplish their goal.

Best Golf Shoes by theshoeinfo

Spiked or Spikeless? Which golf Shoe Is Best For You?

Spikeless Golf Shoes
Spiked Golf Shoes

There are many factors to consider when buying golf shoes, such as comfort, stability, traction, style, and price. Depending on your preferences, you may want to choose between spiked or spikeless models, or hybrid shoes that can be worn on and off the course.

What type of golf shoes do you need? The answer of this question is not simple, it depends on several golf course factors,

  • Where You Gonna Play?
  • What is Golf Course Condition?
  • Hilly or Flat Surface?
  • Dry or Wet?  
  • Muddy or Grassy? 
  • Weather?
  • Fast or Gentle Swinger?
  • Are you a Regular Golfer or Just like to Play in good Weather?
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To play in these different golf course conditions, it required some different features. Spiked and Spikeless shoes are the most common types of golfing shoes, and these golf shoe categories are different because of their features and uses.

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Spike Golf Shoes

spiked golf shoes with sharp cleats traction

There was a time when Spike shoes were the trademark shoes of Golf. These spikes are known as the most perfect shoes for golf. But in recent times with the rise in Spikeless golf shoe models, many professional golfers diverts spiked to Spikeless shoes.

Most of the spiked shoes are constructed with the waterproof material and many giant golf shoes brands set up sharp metal cleats in the middle of the outsole for maximum grip on wet and uneven surfaces.

Moreover, In some other models, they’ve used hard plastic cleats on the outsole.

Due to the sharp metal cleats traction on the outsole, they cannot be worn for other uses. You are unable to wear them everywhere you want. They are just like a pair of soccer shoes but you can use them for tail area for long distance walking.
But on the other hand, spiked golf shoes produce great traction on demanding conditions, such as muddy, wet, and uneven surfaces.

With the help of sharp cleats, your feet landing stays more stable.
You already understand that, a wet and hilly surface must require effective stability and a top-level traction outsole, thus a spiked shoe is the best option in these course conditions.

Spikeless Golf Shoes

spikeless shoes

The Spikeless golf shoe models have grown rapidly in the golf shoes industry. Because of their extra comfort and sleek designs. Many big golf stars have switched from spiked to Spikeless models. 

They are the perfect choice to wear on dry and flat golf courses, even you can wear them on hard tracks. It’s a kind of stylish and comfortable trainer shoe.

Moreover, you can wear them anywhere, you can drive in them, you can walk on hard grounds comfortably. They are not like spiked models that can only be used for one purpose. Their durable material and fashionable sleek designs are the prime reasons for their popularity.

Nevertheless, their rubber nubs outsole is supportive and makes a golfer’s life easier.

Top 8 Golf Shoes For Every Golfer 2024

Top 8 Golf Shoes For Every Golfer 2024

These are some of the top golf shoes for every golfer that I found online. Read their full detailed reviews, so you can easily pick the best from the best.

Complete Reviews

Nike React Infinity Pro Golf Shoe

  • New Fashionable Look
  • Men’s Best Spike Shoes For Golf
  • Soft Spike Traction
  • Foam Padded Tongue Collar
  • Nike Tiger Wood Golf Sneaker
  • Aggressive Spike Traction

This is Nike’s Tiger Wood signature shoe model, and tiger wood has worn them many times on course. They have a classy golf shoe look but in my opinion, it’s a kind of boring design, they didn’t look cool.

One thing that I think needs improvement, is their fit system. Because while wearing these you will feel that there is a free room for your feet to move freely. So, for a better lockdown mechanism they need to improve this.

Overall, these Nike men shoes are golf all-rounders and provide the best performance in tough conditions. Even if you play disc golf with them they’re best for the job.

Their fine quality and lightweight material increase their longevity and make them more stable and comfortable to play with them.

FootJoy Men’s Fj Originals Golf Shoes

  • 100% Textile.
  • Shaft Measures Approximately Mid-Top From Arch.
  • Offers The Fullest Rounded Toe Character.
  • Standard Instep And Heel.
  • Lightweight EVA Cushioning.
  • Breathable And Durable Material.
  • Waterproof Synthetic Upper Easy to Clean.
  • Duramax Rubber Outsole.
  • Classic Design Golf Shoes

These FootJoy spike golf shoes have an old clean and classic shoe style. It has a full-grain waterproof leather upper that feels really high quality, and it feels very Soft. 

The FootJoy’s high quality shoes have a Duramax rubber outsole and Footbed soft spikes pulsar cleats that will give you a decent grip on any tough course conditions. 

In the midsole area, it has a lightweight firmed cushioning unit. That will give you extra comfort for your quick feet movements. and it’s also got a molded fit-bed inside, which has got a little bit more cushioning. That’s going to hold on to your foot to give you a bit more stability as you’re swinging the golf club. 

Moreover,  they have a little heel cup at the back around the Heel. it’s a little bit narrower and a little bit higher up. So, that’s going to grab the heel of your foot.

So, overall FootJoy has produced a really good quality full-grain leather waterproof golf shoe that’s extremely comfortable and extremely lightweight. 

Adidas Men’s Tech Response Shoes For Golf

  • Jersey Mesh/Synthetic Upper.
  • Thin Tech Cleat Traction, Adidas Wear.
  • Lightweight Mesh And Synthetic Upper For Enhanced Breathability And Comfort.
  • 6-Spike Configuration With Thin Low-Profile Technology For Improved Traction And Stability.
  • 91-Day Comfort Guarantee.
  • Removable Metal Cleats traction.
  • Best Budget Spiked Golf Shoes.
  • Amazon’s Number 1 Selling golf Shoes.
  • Ethylene Vinyl Acetate Sole.

The stylish Adidas spike shoes are not for everyday use but every time you play golf. These are the best shoes for big guys because of their comfortable and lightweight advanced material.

Adidas is one of the top sportswear brand, and overall performance of this men’s spiked shoe is very responsive and named the best golf shoes for walking. but first, you have to remove their cleats. We also recommend this as a disc golf shoes, because of their excellent stability and outsole traction grip.

EVA midsole cushioning makes your feet movements more stable. And a lethal outsole with metal cleats traction is good to go in every course condition.

The jersey mesh and synthetic upper of this Adidas shoe is lightweight and breathable to keep your feet dry and clean, even on wet course conditions. 

PUMA Men’s Golf Shoes With Spikes

  • Synthetic Sole.
  • Shaft Measures. Approximately Low-Top From Arch.
  • Washable Material
  • Adaptive Closure System.
  • Not Complete Waterproof.
  • Power Cage On The Upper Part.
  • Removable Cleats On The Outsole.
  • Proper Spikeless Shoes Feel.
  • Full Length Ignite Foam Cushioning.

The Puma Ignite Cage shoes have a good reputation among golfers community. It’s breathable synthetic leather upper and full-length ignite foam cushioning helps to provide extreme comfort and stability for your feet movement. 

On the outsole, it has 7 cleats for better grip on tough and wet surfaces. But they are removable. Without cleats, it has a complete feel of Spikeless shoes.

These Puma’s shoes for golf are not meant only for one use, like other regular golf shoes but you can wear them as a trail shoe.

Best Non Spike Shoes For Golf

Men’s Best Non Spike Shoes For Golf in 2024

We’ve listed some best spikeless golf shoes and they are well-known for their advanced features and their latest designs. These are the most comfortable shoes for beginners as well as for regular golfers.

If you’re searching a latest designed summer golf shoes for yourself, here’s our list of non spiked shoes with extra stability and comfort, and can be the best option for summer season.

FootJoy Men’s Most Stable Golf Shoes

  • Rubber Sole.
  • Made In USA Or Imported.
  • Lightweight And Breathable Mesh Upper.
  • All Day Comfort.
  • Versa-Trax Outsole.
  • Men’s Golf Shoes For Diabetics.
  • Beautiful Sleek Design.
  • Multi Purpose Outdoor Shoe

The FootJoy’s men’s golf shoe is designed for on and off of the course. They are very good looking and have a kind of athletic trainer stuff. If you need a shoe for multiple uses, these FootJoy’s stylish looking golf shoes are the best option for it.

A durable mesh upper material, with a soft EVA cushioning unit in the midsole, makes them more stable and comfortable for all-day use. This soft cushioning is very helpful for those who prefers comfortability or suffers with any foot problem.

The outsole has an excellent traction unit that provides a supportive grip on the course.

Nike Men’s Vapor Pro Golf Shoe

  • Brand Nike
  • Premium Quality Leather Upper.
  • Breathable And Lightweight. 
  • Supportive Fit.
  • Foam Padded Ankle Collar.
  • Rubber Ridges Traction Pattern.
  • Best summer shoes for golf 2024.
  • Comfortable Lunar Foam Cushioning.
  • Pressure Mapping Outsole. 

This Nike Men’s Golf Shoe model has a classic design and have all the key features needed for better on-course performance, with this reasonable price tag. 

The premium quality soft leather upper material is waterproof and long-lasting. And lunar foam-padded midsoles provide extra comfort and stability.

The rubber outsole unit has a pressure mapping traction pattern that creates extra grip on the ground surface, even in the wet course condition. you can comfortably walk on hard tracks with this outsole unit.

This Nike premium quality shoe can be used for more purposes then playing golf. because this shoe is just like a good-looking training shoe that you can wear to go to the gym, you can drive with them. you don’t need to change them for any different course conditions.

Skechers Comfortable Shoes For Golfing

  • 100% Synthetic.
  • Shaft measures approximately mid-top from arch.
  • Spikeless design.
  • Water-resistant & Maximum Stability.
  • Lightweight Ultra Go Foam.
  • Lace-Up Closure.
  • Best Golf Shoes For Plantar Fasciitis.
  • Extremely Comfortable.
  • Excellent Grip on Wet and uneven course surfaces.

The Sketchers is a New Sportswear American brand and has already produced premium quality shoes. This Pivot wide fit shoe has a fine selling record.

This extremely comfortable shoe for golfing has a good quality synthetic upper with a rubber outsole, that has a rubber nubs traction unit for stable grip on uneven surfaces.  

The midsole area contains lightweight soft cushioning for maximum comfort and stability. Foam padded ankle collar holds your ankle joint to provide proper protection, and for better shoe lockdown it has a lace-up closure mechanism.

Adidas Prime B Golf Shoes For Summer

  • Made in the USA or Imported.
  • Twist grip outsole.
  • Prime blue, a high-performance recycled material.
  • Knit and synthetic upper.
  • Best shoes with lightweight stability.
  • Available in multi colors.
  • Rubber studded best traction pattern.

Adidas men’s Code Chaos 21 is the newly released most comfortable shoes for big guys and they are made of partially recycled ocean plastics. In a professional’s opinion, this is one of the best non spiked golf shoes of all time. 

They are incredibly comfortable and durable with a reasonable price tag. It will be a great addition to your golfing shoes collection.

The only concern I have is from a wearability perspective, with the white upper they are going to get dirty quickly. 

This Adidas shoes for golfing has a boost foam midsole and thick rubber traction on the outsole that provides maximum comfort and stability with every step.

Traditional Golfing Equipment

Traditional Golf Shoes with Classic Design

Most of the golf playing equipment have their traditional trademark with a long history. But now, from time to time they have used advanced technology in their equipment to make them more reliable and useful.

The Traditional Golf Shoe, That has been used for so many years. it has a non metallic hard rubber sole with waterproof material.
But with the rise of technology, many giant golf shoes manufacturers have introduced new features in their newly released shoe models.
These powerful features increase the shoe comfortability, stability, outsole grip, proper fit, and range of motion. That makes the player’s feet movement more comfortable and stable.

5 Things Must Be Considered Before Buying Golf Shoes – Expert’s Guide

First of all, you must be aware of the reason. Why do you need a new golf shoe? And what type of golf shoes do you need?

It is only based on golf course conditions where you are teeing off golf. Almost every factor revolves around this One Key Factor: Playing Course Conditions

Choosing the best golf shoe pair is not that easy, you cannot pick any famous or best-selling shoe pair from the market. It’s not the same case anymore! You must know a few things before buying spiked or spikeless golf shoes.
We have described their differences above and now we will discuss some other points that you should keep in mind. So, it can become easier for you to choose the right shoe pair for yourself.


Spiked or Spikeless? Which golf Shoe Is Best For You?

The condition of the golf course does not remain constant. There are many factors that disturb the ground surfaces. The type of golf course definitely matters because you cannot wear the same shoes on every type of course.


The most obvious advantage of spiked shoes is their traction. Spiked shoes are best for Wet, extremely Muddy, and uneven surfaces. Because this type of ground needs great traction and stability.

It’s sharp cleats on the outsole hold the ground more firmly and your feet movements stay protective. These spiked golf shoes are good enough for any kind of course condition except hard floors.  


Typically, the Spikeless shoes are best for flat, grassy, and hard grounds. These shoes are more user-friendly with their extra comfort, stylish designs, flexibility, and lightweight.

The traction pattern of these golfing shoes are not good enough on wet and hilly surfaces like spiked shoes. But they are not too bad!

Commonly, the non spiked shoes models have waterproof material and have thick rubber nubs on their outsole that have reliable stability and grip on the uneven surface.


Finalize the total budget that you’re gonna spend on your new shoes. A fine-quality shoes will be a bit costly and most of the golfers like to play only in good weather or on holidays. So, if you are not a regular golfer you must go with an affordable golf shoe. 


Generally, Spiked shoes are durable and long-lasting. You can only wear them for golfing purposes and most of the golfers play once or twice a week on average. So, a fine-quality spiked shoe will do the work.

Most of the spike shoes are a bit expensive because of their long-lasting waterproof material. Moreover, choose the best option for yourself under your budget.


Several new Spikeless models also have durable waterproof material. A Spikeless shoe pair can only last you a long time when used only for golf. If you wear them as a trainer shoe, the rubber outsole will be worn down speedily. 

However, most of the Spikeless shoe models have an affordable price tag. You will find more options in your limited budget.


Your playing routine has a large impact on your sportswear. If you are a regular golfer you must need 2 to 3 shoe pairs in your bag. But if you are a moody player like us, you only need one best golf shoe for yourself.


Spiked shoes are consider as a traditional shoes for golf. They work best on every golf course condition. Moreover, if you are a golfer who only plays in fine weather or once or twice a week. You should buy a spiked golf shoe pair and you can play with them in every type of course.


Most of the Spikeless shoes are transformational. They are not like football shoes.

Nevertheless, you can wear them anywhere you need and you don’t need to change your golfing shoes during your golfing time. They are just like trail shoes.


Many golf shoe brands have introduced their new sleek designed in golf shoe category and these stylish shoes look more like a trainer or running shoe. If you look in women’s golf shoes category, you’ll find more fashionable styles that looks like a casual shoe or daily wear shoes.


The traditional style of golf shoes has a classic look. But now you will find a large number of new-look styles in the spiked shoe category. However, spiked shoes will tend to look like original shoes for golf. 


A biggest benefit of non spike shoes is that they look exactly like a trainer shoe. You will find a large variety of their styles. But some golfers admire the traditional golf shoe look.


Your selected golf shoe must-have waterproof material. Because the perfect golf playtime is early in the morning, and most of the time golf courses remain wet due to the dew factor in the early morning.  


Almost every spiked golf shoe model has durable waterproof material because they are meant for tough conditions. If you live in rainy areas, and mostly you’ve to face wet course conditions, then you should buy waterproof golf shoes.


Today, the non spiked golf shoes are available in both materials, you will find a large number of spikeless waterproof shoes for golf in the market. But it depends on your course conditions and playing routine. You have to decide!