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trail running shoes for hiking

If you’re planning on going on a backpacking or hiking adventure, you may be wondering if trail running shoes are suitable for the job. The answer is yes – trail runners can definitely be used for hiking. In fact, they have several advantages over traditional hiking shoes. They’re more lightweight and easy to use, and they provide better breathability. However, if you’re planning on doing some extreme hiking in conditions like snow or heavy rain, we recommend using specific hiking shoes.

Hiking shoes are made of durable materials that provide high ankle support and maximum protection for your feet. They also offer great support and stability. Trail running can be an exciting sport but if you don’t get the right trail running shoes you’ll miss out on the fun and lose out on enjoying the Views. If you want to get the best trail running shoes that can also be used for hiking, there are a number of essential features that you need to look for.

  • Shoe Weight
  • Hard & Sticky Outsole 
  • Maximum Protection
  • Support & Stability
  • Water Resistant Material

With winter on the way I’m probably more rainy and therefore more mud. It’s a great time for getting our trail running shoes out and getting them really really muddy but how should you clean them afterward? It’s always a real topic of discussion amongst trail runners, as to what the best way to clean them is.

How To Clean Your Trail Running Shoes?

Here’s my cleaning guide to cleaning your trail running shoes.

  • First, simply get a bucket of cold water, Secondly, a knife just a normal kitchen knife and then third, cleaning brush. 
  • The Second strategy is simple, the type of muddy trail running shoes soaked in a bucket of water. let them get the mud off as much as possible just by resting in the cold water. Get them nice and soft then bring them out of the water. 
  • Third step, use the scrubbing brush then just scrub off with the knife very simply to go into those little grooves, there it might have stones stuck in them. So, very simply brush as much off as possible. 

The other thing to say is that I don’t necessarily clean my trailer and shoes every time I’ve worn them. I tend to limit it to when they are really really bad and crusty and dried. 

So, that’s a personal preference. It’s up to you if you like to get them brand spanking clean every time then do but bucket the cold water brush and a knife and that’s all you need.

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What type of trail running shoes do you need to look into and what is best suited for your running style?

  • There are three major categories in terms of what kind of trail running shoes you are looking at.

There are multiple trail shoes we’ve reviewed before, and these are good enough for, Trail Running. hiking, backpacking, and disc golf too.

How To Choose The Best Trail Running Shoe?

The second most important factor is what kind of a runner you are.

  • If you want to do your trail running as a complementary aspect to your road running then the first and the most crucial factor that you need to look into is what kind of mileage you are looking for.

Point number three, are you the kind of a runner who would want to have a little technical aspect in your trail running?

  • Are you looking at trail running as one of your sports, or are you an ultra runner or aspire to be one?

Your drop height

Do you like something which is zero to four mm? Are you a neutral runner or a forefoot striker or are you a heel striker who enjoys 8mm to 12mm shoes?

How heavy are you

For runners who are 85 kgs and above, I would strongly recommend selecting a shoe with the best cushioning.

Your offset

If you are a forefoot striker or a neutral runner, go for a 4mm offset but if you are a heel striker go for something in the range of 8mm to 120. Make your choices wisely.

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