Yeezy Foam Runner By Kanye West – Personal Review

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Yeezy is a fashion brand owned by a rapper, producer, and entrepreneur the king of rap music Kanye West. Kanye collaborated with Adidas back in 2015 and produces the most comfortable and unique style of sneakers for all. This Yeezy foam runner is the latest design that is released on 7th March 2022 on Amazon. The collaboration between Kanye and Adidas has produced some iconic sneakers, like Yeezy 350 V2 – 350 V2s – Yeezy 500 – Yeezy 450Yeezy 700 V3 Alvah, Yeezy 750 V3, Adidas Yeezy Desert Boot, and many other unique styles of sneakers that became an overnight success.

Adidas Yeezy Foam Runner Stone Sage
Adidas Yeezy Foam Runner Stone Sage
Adidas Yeezy Foam Runner Sulfur
Adidas Yeezy Foam Runner Sulfur
  • Perforated Holes For Breathability
  • The Outsole Has A Wave Pattern For Extensive Traction
  • EVA Foam Cushion
  • Very Comfortable Sneaker
  • Yeezy Foam Runner Is For Both Men & Women
  • Lightest Sneakers For Indoor & Outdoor Walking
  • Unique Design
  • Petroleum-Based Ethylene Vinyl Acetate And Algae Foam Material 
  • Environment Friendly Travel Walking Shoes
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Here we’re taking a look at the Yeezy foam runner in the sand colorway. The release of these Yeezy shoes was actually super exited and the demand was sky high. I mean we’re talking about crashing apps and crashing servers just a huge mess on release day.

Yeezy Foam Runner (Personal) Review

We’ve got a huge amount of questions about how they Feel on foot? and questions about the material Itself, obviously sizing is a big one and of course, we’re going to get into all of that in this personal Review.

Super Lightweight

These unique style shoes are super light like I’m talking super light! when you’re talking about a piece of foam with loads of holes in it but it was something that I immediately thought was lighter than I expected.

Overall Material

If you want to get really technical with the sneaker prototype that was actually manufactured in Atlanta from a combination of petroleum-based ethylene-vinyl acetate and foam produced from algae. It obviously has a positive impact on the environment, partly made from algae but my original thought about this was foam rubber.  

I kind of thought putting your foot in a foam rubber thing and walking around all day may be a little bit strange. like if you’ve ever had a piece of rubber and you put it up against the fabric. There’s normally a kind of sticky sensation. So, if you’re wearing socks and you’re walking around in this. I was kind of worried that it was going to stick to your socks and your foot’s just going to be Rubbing and it’s going to be a little bit of an uncomfortable experience.

Upper Material

However, the actual experience of wearing these lightweight shoe and the actual feel of the material are completely different from what I originally thought. This material that they’ve used as a kind of slickness to it. like when it comes into contact with fabric it doesn’t stick like you would imagine a normal foam or a rubber wood it kind of moves very nicely with different Materials. So, when you’re wearing socks , it is a really comfortable experience that doesn’t grab onto your socks and create that sticky feeling that I once feared.

The outside material it’s definitely not completely smooth and you can visibly see that it kind of reminds me of something organic or like a rock, where it’s imperfect and it has different textures. The breathability is for sure not gonna be an issue there are plenty of different holes from smaller to larger and again all of these different holes give it a very organic alien dashing-looking design.

Like slides we’ve established you wear them around the pool around the house to the beach, you wear them. Well sometimes I just run errands in my slides. It really just depends if you’re getting a little bit more of a sneaker vibe with the foam runner. it covers a lot of your foot instead of like a slide which literally just has a strap and then the bottom.

Yeezy Foam Runners

Foam Runner does give you a little bit more of a sneaker vibe, therefore you know you’re probably more inclined to wear this to a lot more occasions. I mean personally I’m going to be rocking up to all of those important meetings and those dinner dates wearing the foam runners. This definitely is a pair of shoes that you can wear around a lot more than I guess you would a pair of slides. The way it feels on foot is a lot more secure; it is attached to your foot rather than a slide that is just Slapping your heel.

Let’s tackle this and there are a few things that are a little bit strange with this one. So, if you take a look at the size tag on foam runners, what you’ll notice is the UK size and the USA size are exactly the same. That’s not normally the case on Yeezy’s you find a UK 8, for example, would be us 8 and a Half. 

Yeezy foam shoes

However, on the foam runners, a UK 8 is an Us 8. I don’t really understand that or how that makes sense. Maybe someone can explain that to me but it is also important to note that these only come in a full-size run. Meaning you only get eight nine ten eleven there are no half sizes. So, what I would recommend in my experience is going with your normal easy size even if you’re a half size.

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