A Review of the Top 8 High Top Basketball Shoes in 2024

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Retro style basketball shoes

The game of basketball has evolved significantly over the years, and so have the shoes that players wear on the court. High-top basketball shoes, known for their superior ankle support and stability, have become an integral part of a player’s gear.

Whether you’re a professional athlete or a recreational player looking for the right pair of high tops, this comprehensive guide will provide expert insights on the top performers in the 2024 high-top basketball shoe market. From reviewing key considerations in selecting the best shoe to exploring the latest innovations in performance-enhancing technology.

We’ll help you make an informed decision to elevate your game. Join us as we dive into the world of high-top basketball shoes and discover the cutting-edge features and style trends that are shaping the future of the game.

AND1 Attack 3.0 Men’s Basketball Shoes
AND1 Attack 3.0 Men’s Basketball Shoes
  • Best For Indoor/Outdoor Courts
  • stability, control, and protection
  • Excellent Ankle Stability
  • Light Breathable Mesh Upper
Nike Men's Lebron 19 Basketball Shoes
Nike Men’s Lebron 19 Basketball Shoes
  • Nike High Cut Basketball Sneakers
  • Extra Comfort For Weak Ankles
  • Stylish High Cut Design
  • Best For Outdoor Courts
Adidas Unisex-Adult D Rose Son of Chi Basketball Shoe
Adidas Unisex-Adult D Rose Son of Chi Basketball Shoe
  • 100% Textile Synthetics
  • Adidas High top Athletic shoe
  • Flexible molded heel counter
  • Lightweight Bouncy Cushioning

List Of 8 High Top Basketball Shoes With Reviews (Skip to Reviews)

  1. Adidas Men’s Hoops 3.0
  2. Nike Unisex-Adult Precision Iii
  3. Nike Jordan Max Aura men’s shoes
  4. Under Armour Men’s Drive 5
  5. Adidas Unisex-Adult D Rose 11
  6. Nike Men’s Kyrie Flytrap IV
  7. Adidas Unisex-Adult D Rose Son of ChI
  8. Beita High Upper Basketball Shoes

Pair of White Air Jordan 1's

While high top basketball shoes are still known for providing excellent ankle support, they do come with a few pros and cons. On the upside, they offer increased stability and protection, which can be a game-changer for players who need that extra reinforcement.

However, some players might find high tops to be a bit restrictive and bulky, affecting their agility and quick movements on the court. It all comes down to personal preference and play style.

high top vs low top basketball shoes

There are different types of basketball shoe styles that you can choose from.

First, there are high top shoes. These are like the tallest shoes that cover your ankles. They are good for protecting your ankles and giving them extra support. It’s like wearing a little wall around your ankles to keep them safe.

Then, there are mid top shoes. These shoes are a bit shorter than high-tops, so they don’t cover your ankles completely. They still give you some support, but they are a little more flexible and lighter. It’s like wearing a smaller wall around your ankles.

Lastly, there are low top basketball shoes, these shoes are the shortest and don’t cover your ankles at all. They are very light and flexible, which means you can move your feet quickly and easily. It’s like not having any wall around your ankles, but you can run and jump freely.

So, when you hear about different types of basketball shoe styles, it just means they come in different heights. Some cover your ankles a lot, some cover them a little, and some don’t cover them at all. It’s up to you to decide which style you like best and which one helps you play your best game!

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High Top Basketball Shoes For Ankle support

Player Position and Playing Style

Choosing the right high-top basketball shoe starts with understanding your position and play style. Are you a power forward who loves dominating the paint, or a speedy point guard who thrives on quick cuts and fast breaks? Different positions and play styles require specific features in a shoe, such as cushioning for impact protection or flexibility for quick movements.

Ankle Support and Stability

Arguably the most crucial factor when selecting a high top basketball shoe is its ankle support and stability. Look for shoes with sturdy ankle collars that provide a snug fit and prevent your ankles from rolling. Some shoes even incorporate innovative technologies like straps and external heel counters for extra support.

Cushioning and Impact Protection

Jumping, landing, and making those explosive moves on the court can put a lot of stress on your joints. That’s where cushioning comes in. Look for shoes with responsive and supportive cushioning systems that absorb impact and provide a comfortable ride throughout the game.

Traction and Grip

Slipping and sliding on the court is the last thing you want. Opt for shoes with reliable traction patterns and durable outsoles that provide excellent grip on different surfaces. Good traction ensures you can make those quick cuts, stops, and changes in direction without losing your footing.

basketball shoes for extreme comfort

We’ve listed the top 8 High Top Basketball Shoes with ankle and Achilles support in 2024. There is a variety of high tops that are very popular in the market, it is kind of difficult for us to select any from these iconic editions.

Still we make an effort to reviewed some best sneakers which according to research team are best and going to be everyday shoes for anyone need a new pair of hoop shoe in 2024.

Most Popular
Adidas Men's Hoops 3.0 Mid Basketball Shoe

Adidas Men’s Hoops 3.0 Mid Basketball Shoe


  • Synthetic leather upper
  • Lightweight, Breathable
  • Easily Cleanable
  • Great Ankle Mobility
  • Durable & Comfortable
  • Best For Wide Footer

Adidas men’s Hoops 3.0 Mid is a popular high top style shoe among basketball players and specially design for comfortable ride. Many NBA stars have worn this higher basketball shoe for pre match trainings. It’s stylish design, breathable upper material, and comfortability of this shoe makes it one of the best basketball inspired shoes for basketball fans.

Herringbone traction pattern on the outsole is excellent, more grippy and responsive on every court surface. Many users have stated that the traction pattern is excellent on neat floors but have some issues on hard and dirty floors.

The soft cushioning in midsole makes this bouncy basketball shoe more responsive in the courtroom and provides super protection to the player’s feet.

Expert’s Pick
Nike Unisex-Adult Precision Iii Basketball Shoe

Nike Unisex-Adult Precision Iii Basketball Shoe


  • Brand: NIKE
  • lightweight midsole
  • Sole: High-Quality Material
  • Upper: Synthetic
  • Closure type: Textile laces
  • Sole thickness: 2 cm
  • Total height: 13,5 cm
  • Lightweight High-Tops

Nike Precision Iii Basketball sneaker is a all rounder shoe having all the key features that makes it the best high top shoe to play like a pro. This shoe is available in different colors and have an decent price tag. 

High quality rubber material increases the sole durability and excellent cross designed traction pattern make it more responsive on hard courts.

The advanced tech lightweight cushioning unit in the forefoot and heel area is comfortable and protective. This soft and well padded midsole allows you to use this shoe for multiple purposes, like short running’s, Gym Workout, Jumping rope exercise, and to wear as casual shoe.

Classic High Top Shoes
Nike Jordan Max Aura men's shoes

Nike Jordan Max Aura men’s shoes


  • Premium Synthetic Leather Upper
  • Rubber Outsole
  • Classic BB Shoe Look
  • Leather Overlay
  • Lace Up Closure for manual Fit
  • Fine boost Cushioning

Nike Jordan Max Aura men’s shoes offer a design that’s functional and aesthetically driven. This high cut basketball shoes debuted in classic color matching black & White that complete with synthetic uppers and a good quality rubber outsole.

This sneaker would be the best choice for kids not because of its classic look also constructed with more ankle and Achilles protective, good ground stability, and upper is made of durable premium synthetic leather.

Moreover, thick rubber outsole with its distinct visual appeal, comfortable and well wear-resistant. This wavy herringbone traction pattern makes it more grippy even on hard and wet surfaces. With its excellent ground traction this basketball shoes is best for play on concrete.

The lacing system is engineered to give extra stability. The long tongue adds a safe energized feel, and attached ankle closely. Lastly, its leather upper material is washable, so you can clean them whenever, they look dirty.

Overall Best
Under Armour Men's Drive 5 Basketball Shoe

Under Armour Men’s Drive 5 Basketball Shoe


  • Textile and Synthetic
  • 2 Tone Mesh Upper
  • Durable High-Top Shoe
  • Synthetic Overlays
  • Lacing Zones in Forefoot
  • External TPU Heel Counter
  • Die-cut EVA Cushioning

This Under Armour high top shoe is one of the best of its kind. Because of its advanced features like, Breathable, 2 tone mesh upper with TPU hot melt film over the toe for extra protection. Also, this well cushioned basketball sneaker has durable and synthetic overlays for stability & to lock in your midfoot.

Unique and integrated lacing zones in forefoot, midfoot and heel for a customized, strategic fit. External TPU heel counter for locked-in support. Die cut EVA sockliner provides underfoot cushioning & support and more protection to the player’s feet.


The extended collar with good foam padding protects the ankle joint area more firmly and also support your Achilles tendonitis perfectly.

Most Comfortable Sneakers
Adidas Unisex-Adult D Rose 11

Adidas Unisex-Adult D Rose 11


  • Textile and Synthetic
  • Adidas Men’s Basketball Shoe
  • 2 Tone Mesh Upper
  • Durable High-Top Shoe
  • ultralight Lights trike cushioning
  • Lacing Zones in Forefoot
  • External TPU Heel Counter
  • outstanding comfort

The Adidas Unisex-Adult D Rose 11 Basketball Shoes is classic re-engineered for a new era, the men’s basketball shoe from Adidas is made to hit the hardwood and the streets. These men’s D-Rose shoes from Adidas Basketball have ultralight Light strike cushioning in the midsole for outstanding comfort. The upper graphics are highlight a classic Rose look.


This Adidas high tops Offering full ankle support, with an EVA sock liner and breathable mesh collar, it offers the stability you need to get up to speed. So, the rubber sole and soft wavy traction pattern is supportive on clean and polished courtrooms but not much grippy on outdoor courts.

These Best traction basketball shoes are the best option for indoor courts to play basketball or other court activities. Light strike for ultra lightweight cushioning unit provides extreme court feel and make it more responsive for wearers.

High-Top G.O.A.T
Nike Men's Kyrie Flytrap IV Basketball Shoe

Nike Men’s Kyrie Flytrap IV Basketball Shoe


  • Textile Mesh upper
  • Extra Ankle Support
  • Zoom Air Midsole
  • Multi Purpose court shoes
  • Perfect Fit Lockdown
  • Synthetic panel on back heel

These Nike’s Kyrie basketball shoes were released in 2020. This Nike’s shoe is especially designed for the big and heavyweight players. if you are playing on your above average to really clean courts, you aren’t gonna have any problems at all.

However, if you are playing on a dusty court you will need to wipe them or there will be some slippage issues. 100% Synthetic leather and textile upper that is flexible, durable, comfortable and there are no hotspots. 

Overall in my opinion, the traction pattern is excellent for indoor courtrooms. You can wear them outdoors but just wipe them after a play. The phylon just doesn’t feel that great but up in the forefoot, they’re using a bigger rectangular zoom unit and you can actually feel it while wearing them.

That proper lockdown mechanism provides great stability to your quick lateral movements. Nike Kyrie 4 has an extended perforated dynamic fit collar for ankle support and airflow.

Advance Tech
Adidas Unisex-Adult D Rose Son of Chi

Adidas Unisex-Adult D Rose Son of Chi


  • 100% Textile Synthetics
  • For Both Men & Women
  • Durable Rubber Sole
  • Basketball shoes for fans of D-Rose
  • Flexible molded heel counter
  • Lightweight & Breathable Material
  • Stylish High Cut Design
  • Great Traction On All Courts

This Adidas D Rose Son of Chi basketball shoes are available for both, women sizes and men sizes. We have contacted to several users, and most of the users love these high tops because of their beautiful sleek design, durable material, and lightweight textile upper that easily cleanable. Moreover, some users used them for multiple team sports like, handball, volleyball etc.

Many female users have stated that they love these high cut basketball shoes because they are more supportive and friendly. because of their sleek design, they love to buy another pair for them. The textile synthetic upper is lightweight, breathable and durable. A flexible herringbone traction pattern that provides extra grip on every court surface and even on the wet floors.

This kind of floor grip and support can surely enhance your overall game. So, the full length foam cushioning in the midsole area is perfectly designed and extra padding in forefoot and heel area is flexible and responsive. The textile and foam fitted ankle collar to provide extra protection to the ankle area.

Premium High Top Shoes
Beita High Upper Basketball Shoes With Ankle Supports

Beita High Upper Basketball Shoes


  • Wear-Resistant And Breathable
  • Outer Material: Breathable Mesh Upper
  • Sole: Ethylene Vinyl Acetate
  • Anti slip rubber sole
  • Protective Ankle
  • Shoe Sole: EVA + Rubber
  • Fashionable High Top Shoes

Beita is a new name in sports wear category on Amazon. Suitable for Men Shoes, Basketball, Tennis Shoes, Running Shoes, Team Sports Shoes, Fashion Sneakers, Gym Workout Shoes, Walking shoes, Work Shoes, Outdoor Jogging Shoes. 

BEITA Basketball shoes are conducive to the free breathing of the feet during exercise and will not feel stuffy. This is one of the cheapest high top shoes for multiple sports with wide toe box design in the market.

Anti-skid wear-resistant, emitting mesh soles, with the full Palm force position, The formation of strong grip. One-piece solid rubber outsole with traction pattern throughout provides torsional rigidity and exceptional lateral movement & stability..


These high cut shoes help protect the soles and ankles in the lateral movements and vertical jump. The midsole has a bouncy cushioning that’s very responsive and comfortable. You can wear them all day long, they meant to provide comfort.

Best Outdoor Basketball Shoes For 2024

When the ankle ligaments get stretched beyond their normal range, an ankle sprain occurs. In a basketball game, there is no room to stand still. You often run, tackle, make lateral movements, and dunk. In these 48 minutes, you are in constant motion, and your footwork depends on your playing style and playing position. One wrong foot move can get you injured or may cause ankle strain.

While playing basketball, ankle sprains or foot pain(Plantar Fasciitis) mostly occur during landing after taking a shot (jump shot, layup, dunk) or grabbing a rebound, after the player’s feet land on an uneven surface.

Mostly this uneven surface is another player’s feet. These are the most common injuries in basketball players might face in their career.


As the game of basketball continues to evolve, so does the technology and design of high-top basketball shoes. By considering factors such as player position, ankle support, cushioning, traction, and style, you can make a well-informed decision when choosing your next pair of high-tops. The expert insights provided in this guide have highlighted the top performers in the 2024 high-top basketball shoe market, allowing you to select a shoe that meets your specific needs and preferences. Remember, the right high-top basketball shoe can enhance your performance on the court and provide invaluable support to protect against injuries. So, lace up your new pair of high-tops and take your game to new heights.

1. Are high top basketball shoes suitable for all players?

High-top basketball shoes are generally recommended for players who require additional ankle support and stability. However, the suitability of high-tops can vary based on individual preferences and playing style. Players who prioritize agility and mobility may opt for low-top or mid-top shoes. It is important to consider factors such as player position, injury history, and personal comfort when choosing the right shoe.

2. Do high top basketball shoes guarantee injury prevention?

While high-top basketball shoes provide added ankle support, they do not guarantee injury prevention. Ankle injuries can still occur, especially in situations involving sudden movements, landing awkwardly, or colliding with other players. It is essential to maintain proper conditioning, warm-up adequately, and practice good technique to minimize the risk of injuries. Additionally, consulting with a healthcare professional or athletic trainer can provide personalized advice on injury prevention strategies.

3. How often should high top basketball shoes be replaced?

The lifespan of high-top basketball shoes can vary depending on factors such as frequency of use, playing conditions, and individual wear patterns. As a general guideline, it is recommended to replace high-top basketball shoes every 6-12 months for regular players. Inspecting the shoe’s outsole, cushioning, and overall structural integrity can help determine if it’s time for a replacement. Signs of excessive wear, reduced traction, or visible damage indicate the need for a new pair to maintain optimal performance and safety.

4. Can style and design features impact performance in high top basketball shoes?

While style and design features can enhance the overall appeal of high-top basketball shoes, their direct impact on performance may vary. Athletes should prioritize factors such as fit, ankle support, traction, and cushioning over purely aesthetic features. However, some design elements, such as breathable materials or customizable lacing systems, can contribute to comfort and individual preferences. It is crucial to strike a balance between style and performance when selecting high-top basketball shoes.

5. Do High Top basketball shoes prevent ankle sprains?

Yes, you can say that because Logically it seems right that high top basketball shoes provide better support to the ankle joint with its extended collar and overall protection to the player’s feet with its durable material. They can reduce the injury risk but they do not prevent injuries completely.

6. Are High Top Basketball Shoes Better?

Yes, you can say that because most of the basketball high tops have durable material and a lace-up mechanism that provides proper lockdown and extra support to your feet, also the basketball high top sneakers are more helpful for increasing your vertical leap. The most important aspect of high top basketball shoes is the extra support and protection of the player’s ankle joint and feet and that makes them far better than other basketball shoes.

7. Do NBA players wear high-tops?

High cut basketball shoes were the symbol of basketball shoes for half of the century. But in 2008, Kobe Bryant was the first superstar who wore low top shoes, and after that many other NBA players started wearing these basketball low tops. Nowadays, many NBA stars still prefer to wear basketball high tops and feel comfortable with them. 

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