Best Shoes For Dunking-Shoes That Make You Jump Higher

Dunking is the most electrifying and expressive thing in basketball. You just need to jump 10 Ft. higher and get your slam dunk. But that’s not an easy thing to do for everybody because its highly depend on your body, your movements and lastly your footwear. So, if you want to slam dunk, you need to improve your jumping technique and a bouncy cushioned basketball shoe that helps you to jump higher.

player Jumping High for dunk the ball

So, basically what I believe is that every shoe fits differently based on your playing style, your overall movements in anything like While you’re playing basketball, volleyball, pickleball or gym workout, running etc. You need a shoe that fits you good and matches with your body, your movements and caters your needs to become a good dunker. 

Generally speaking, for an impressive slam dunk you need comfortable jumping and for that you need a comfortable dunking shoe. So, we’ve gathered some best shoes that help you jump higher and these dunking shoes contain Lightweight Upper, excellent fit, and a soft bouncy cushion midsole for comfortable jump and shock absorbing thick rubber outsole for secure landing.

Top 3 IN 2022

Overall Best
Adidas Own The Game 2.0 Lightmotion
Most Comfortable
Under Armour Unisex-Adult Lockdown 6
  • Durable leather upper
  • EVA midsole + Plush foam sockliner
  • Durable solid rubber outsole
  • Beautiful Sleek Design
Expert’s Choice
Nike Men’s Shoes Lebron 18
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  • Best For Jumping High
  • Lightweight Mesh Upper
  • Well Cushion NBA Sneaker
  • Energy Return Midsole

Basketball Shoes That Help You Jump Higher

In recent times many well-known sportswear manufacturers have started producing top level comfy hoops specially designed for jumping and they’ve soft plus bouncy Cushioning, durable dense rubber sole, excellent lateral stability, and the classic springiness midsole. These motion control shoes will make your jump comfortable and it helps you to improve your vertical jump.

So, if you are looking for a well cushioned shoes to dunk in. These key points you should keep in mind when buying a new dunking shoe.

  • High top or Low Cut style
  • Durable Shoe Material
  • Comfortable Midsole Cushion 
  • Thick Rubber Compound
  • Lightweight & Perfect Fit

8 Best Basketball Shoes For Jumping Higher

High Performer
Nike Men's Air Zoom BB NXT Basketball Shoes
Nike Men’s Air Zoom BB NXT Basketball Shoes
  • 1: Brand: Nike
  • 2: High-Quality Material
  • 3: Excellent Cushioning
  • 4: Comfortable Shoes
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Durable Design
Adidas Unisex-Adult Dame 6
Adidas Unisex-Adult Dame 6
  • 1: Stylish Design
  • 2: Lightweight Shoe For Dunking
  • 3: Most Stable For Lateral Moves
  • 4: Best For The Money
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Pro Choice
Nike Men's Air Max 1 Best For Jumping
Nike Men’s Air Max 1 Best For Jumping
  • 1: Attractive Design
  • 2: Bouncy Midsole
  • 3: Affordable Price
  • 4: Energy Return Mechanism
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Cheapest Shoes For Dunker’s
Nike Unisex-Adult Precision Iii
Nike Unisex-Adult Precision Iii
  • 1: Textile and Rubber Material
  • 2: Best BB shoes To Wear All-Day
  • 3: Clean & Classy
  • 4: Comfortable While Jumping
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Stylish BB Sneakers
Adidas Unisex-Adult D Rose 11
Adidas Unisex-Adult D Rose 11
  • 1: 100% Synthetic Textile
  • 2: Ultralight Light strike cushioning
  • 3: Best For Multiple Sports
  • 4: Best Dunking Shoes 2022
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Dunking G.O.A.T
Under Armour Men's Embiid 1
Under Armour Men’s Embiid 1
  • 1: Lightweight textile upper
  • 2: Die-cut EVA sockliner
  • 3: Rubber outsole with unique traction pattern
  • 4: Best NBA Sneakers 2022
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Most Comfortable Dunking Shoes
Nike Men's Lebron Witness IV
Nike Men’s Lebron Witness IV
  • 1: Extra Comfortable
  • 2: Nike’s Stabilization Module
  • 3: Most Selling Shoes
  • 4: Closure: Lace-Up
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Premium Dunking Shoe
Nike Kyrie 6 Men's Basketball Shoes
Nike Kyrie 6 Men’s Basketball Shoes
  • 1: Synthetic Material
  • 2: Best Casual Looking B-ball Shoes
  • 3: Most Comfortable Ride
  • 4: Soft & Lightweight Midsole Cushion
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Must Check: 12 NBA Shoes For Jumping High

Why APL Basketball Shoes Are Banned by the NBA?

APL is a fashion brand and known for their superior athletic accessories and footwear. They introduced their first basketball shoes in 2010 and they were specially designed for high jumping. But they have did not last for long. The reason behind it is, they introduced an advanced technology that has a springy midsole that works as a load and launch mechanism. They literally designed a spring in midsole under its cushioning.
So, the NBA banned that bouncy basketball shoe at highest level and stated that, these dunking shoes have very advanced features that give the player an unfair edge of high jumping. And it’s unfair with other players.

Even the shoe only increased almost 4” of your vertical jump but it seems a bit of a competitive advantage with other players.
That’s why the NBA banned them for professional play.

Specifications of APL basketball shoes.

  • 100% thread-based upper
  • Full-length carbon fiber plate
  • Dual compound sock liner 
  • Internal midsole
  • Classic High Top Design
  • Hinge pin
  • 10 coil springs
  • High rebound foam nest
  • APL future foam midsole
  • Bottom plate
  • Transparent rubber outsole

These advanced features help the player to jump higher than his actual jump.


High Performer
Nike Men's Air Zoom BB NXT Basketball Shoes For Jumping

Nike Men’s Air Zoom BB NXT Basketball Shoes For Dunking


  • Brand: Nike
  • High-Quality Material
  • Excellent Cushioning
  • Comfortable Shoes
  • Supportive Traction Pattern
  • Affordable Price Tag

Nike men’s air zoom basketball shoe is the most comfortable jumping shoe from Nike air zoom series. Especially made for the players who want to jump higher for a slam dunk.

The material used in the outer area of this shoe is very soft and stretchable and long lasting. This basketball shoe is one of the best shoes for high jumping because of it’s soft, bouncy, and lightweight material.

The outsole traction pattern is multi directional which is more supportive for vertical jumps. Also it can be suitable for different positions, specially for point guard and center.

Nike introduces advanced cushioning units in the air zoom series. The midsole unit has three layers of react and two air zoom units joined together to provide extra energy in returns and ensure impact protection to the feet.

  • Durable Material
  • Great Traction Pattern
  • Excellent Cushioning
  • True Size Fit
  • Supportive While Jumping And Landing
  • Little Bit Heavy
  • Less Supportive On Outdoor Dusty Courts

Premium Dunking Shoe
Adidas Men's Harden Vol. 2 Dunking Shoes

Adidas Men’s Harden Vol. 2 Dunking Shoes


  • Outer Material: Textile
  • Sole: Rubber
  • Closure: Lace-Up
  • Shoe Width: Medium
  • Sock-Like Construction
  • Responsive Boost Midsole
  • Forge Fiber Technology

Adidas men’s Harden vol. 2 basketball shoe is a signature series of James Harden and this model has done a lot of improvement in its features. Adjustable lacing system ensure the proper lockdown of the shoe around your feet.

The material is durable but not premium. The upper is very lightweight and comfortable enough to provides extra protection to your feet while jumping and landing.

The outsole has a thick rubber material and engineered traction pattern that has great lateral support on indoor and outdoor hard surfaces. But less reliable on dusty floors.  

An advanced thicker boost cushioning unit of this shoe works excellently and produces more bounciness when absorbing the given energy. If you need a multiple purpose shoe, this is surely the best basketball shoe for playing volleyball as well.

  • Most Comfortable Upper
  • Extra Protective
  • Excellent Cushioning
  • True Size Fit
  • Supportive While Jumping And Landing
  • Durable Material
  • Much Noisy
  • Traction Works Well On Clean Courts
  • Much Pricy

Most Comfortable Shoe
Nike Men's Lebron Witness IV Basketball Shoes

Nike Men’s Lebron Witness IV Basketball Shoes


  • Outer Material: Synthetic
  • Sole: Rubber
  • Closure: Lace-Up
  • Heel Height: 3 Centimeters
  • Heel Type: Flat
  • Shoe Width: Normal
  • Outdoor Rb Upgraded Wear-Resistant Rubber
  • Peak Stabilization Module

The Nike’s men’s Lebron Witness IV basketball shoes is a special edition for high jumping and dunking in basketball. Nike has a large variety in basketball shoes and some of the best editions were already discussed in our other shoes articles.

Woven Textile and rubber material has been used in their upper area that make them durable and supportive while jumping.

This advanced traction pattern is excellent in work, NIKE’s RB technology makes them more supportive and responsive. So, it can be used on the rough outdoor basketball courts. You’ll feel comfortable while playing with this outdoor basketball shoes on a concrete floor. Their thick rubber outsole works well on demanding conditions and if you regularly play on rough outdoor courts it can be the choice for yourself.

The Cushioning unit is very responsive and provides extra bounce that makes you jump higher and this type of cushioning unit is especially made to create more bounce through midsole So, the player can make his jump more higher and easily dunk the ball into the basket.

  • Slightly Warped Shoe Toe, Prevent Toe Injury
  • Leather Heel Package
  • Using Peak Outdoor Wear-Resistant Rubber
  • Big Triangle Peak Logo
  • Excellent Traction Pattern
  • Good For Outdoor Playing
  • Affordable Jumping Shoes
  • Comfortable Dunking Shoes
  • Not So Durable

Most Comfortable Shoe
LI-NING AIT VI Wade Men Shock Absorption BB Shoes For High Jumping

LI-NING AIT VI Wade Men Shock Absorption BB Shoes For Dunking


  • Imported
  • Eva+Rubber Outsole
  • Woven Material
  • Cloud Cushioning Technology
  • Shoe Upper: Textile+Synthetic Leather+Tpu
  • New Sleek Design

LI-NING Wade Men shock absorption basketball shoes, using CLOUD cushioning technology, full-length application of unique Li Ning polymer material formula in midsole that allows effective storage and release of energy. This Wide Fit basketball shoe has soft and lightweight characteristics that helps to reduce external impacts and improve sports performance.

The vamp of Lining shoes is used textile, using whole-woven technology with an external wrap structure to provide a good sports experience, makes shoes breathable and soft.

Herringbone traction pattern makes it more grippy on every surface, it will not let you slip and even though when you jump it will make your landing more responsive and protective.

  • High Top Style
  • Affordable Dunking Shoe
  • Herringbone Traction Pattern
  • Excellent Cushioning
  • Soft Material
  • Supportive While Making Lateral Movements
  • Multi Different Colors
  • Material Durability Issue
  • Not Grippy On Dusty Floors

Overall Best
NIKE Unisex's Air Max Impact 2 Basketball Shoe For Dunking

NIKE Unisex’s Air Max Impact 2 Basketball Shoe For Dunking


  • Nike Basketball Dunking Shoe
  • New Attractive Style
  • Outer Material: Synthetic
  • Inner Material: Textile
  • Sole: Rubber
  • Closure: Lace-Up
  • Heel Type: No Heel
  • Shoe Width: Normal
  • Shock Absorption Nike Air
  • Lightweight Mesh Upper With Reinforced Toe

Nike Air Max Impact 2 basketball shoes are loved by every wearer we ask about it. Besides its all advanced features, this high top basketball shoe has a beautiful sleek design that looks cool.

It’s high-quality textile upper material is more durable and make the shoe lightweight. Many wearers stated that the shoe weight is very light and helps them for improving their vertical jump.

The Nike Air Max has a herringbone traction pattern that is more supportive on every basketball court. Also many wearers say that the shoe has an excellent floor grip and you feel no fear while jumping high.

Low-ground boost plush cushioning of this Nike dunk shoe works excellent on court and feels perfect to the feet. A good number of wearers stated that the heel cushioning has provided extra support. So, you can jump as high as you can and feel no fear about injuries.

Moreover, the lace-up mechanism and strap combination creates excellent lockdown. It feels like your feet are stuck into the shoe because there is no space between your feet and shoe.

  • Stylish Design
  • Herringbone Traction Pattern
  • Lace Up Closer Mechanism
  • Affordable Shoes
  • Durable Material
  • Excellent Lockdown
  • Lightweight Dunking Shoes
  • A Bit Tight For A Wide Footer

New Advanced Features
Nike Men's Shoes KD 14 For Dunkers

Nike Men’s Shoes KD 14 For Dunkers


  • Attractive Design
  • Herringbone Traction Pattern
  • Low Ground Boost Cushioning
  • Supportive While Jumping
  • Comfortable
  • Premium Shoe Material
  • Leather Pull Tab

This Nike KD 14 has all the advanced features that will help you jump higher and provide maximum support while landing. The shoe price is much expensive but these advanced features will create a lot of improvement in your game and make you feel glad about your spending money.

Overall material of KD 14 is very lightweight and feels premium. The textile upper material and rubber outsole makes it comfortable and responsive. The Herringbone traction pattern is very supportive on every court floor and creates extra stopping power. The rubber outsole attracts less dust and works excellent on outdoor hard and dusty courts.

The midsole unit of this low top basketball shoe has thick boosted air-cushioning that makes it perfect for high jumping. Many users claim that the soft insole feels comfortable and it’s lateral stability is excellent on every court. They used these as a multiple sports court shoe and ready to buy another pair.

  • Excellent Traction Support
  • Advanced Boost Cushioning
  • Lace Up Closer Mechanism
  • Lightweight Shoe
  • New Sleek Design
  • Supportive Lockdown
  • Much Pricy

Expert’s Choice
Nike Men's Air Max 1 Essential.

Nike Men’s Air Max 1 Essential


  • Nike Air Max 1
  • Outer Material: Leather
  • Sole: Rubber
  • Closure: Lace-Up
  • Comfortable Shoes For Jumping
  • Shoe Width: Medium
  • Leather Pull Tab

Nike Air Max 1 has an attractive design, low price rate and has all the required features that make it the best basketball jumping shoes. The mid top design is very comfortable and has a good court feel.

Premium engineered mesh upper material is very soft and washable and it feels nice to wear. Many wearers stated that the material of the shoe is very durable and comfortable to wear all day.

The traction pattern of this jumping shoe is good and delivers more grip power on the floor. But some users mention that the traction of this shoe is less supportive on hard and dusty floors and attracts dust more firmly.

This well cushioned basketball shoe contains EVA foam cushioning that creates great energy when it is pressed forcefully. EVA cushioning helps you to improve your high jumps and you will feel your ankle area protective too.

The lace-up mechanism of these Nike’s basketball shoes make a great lockdown. and this superior lockdown system of the shoe provides excellent support on court. They stuck with your feet from all the corners.

  • Attractive Design
  • Premium Engineered Mesh Upper
  • Affordable Dunking Shoe
  • Lightweight Shoe
  • Lace Closure Mechanism
  • Eva Foam Midsole
  • Full Sticky Rubber Outsole For Traction And Grip
  • Traction Less Supportive On Outdoor Court
  • Durability Issue

Cheap Shoes For Dunking
Nike Unisex-Adult Precision Iii Basketball Shoes

Nike Unisex-Adult Precision Iii Basketball Shoes


  • Etching Athletics Trainers Basketball Shoes
  • Outer Material: Textile-Leather
  • Inner Material: Textile
  • Closure: Lace-Up
  • Sole: Synthetic
  • Heel Type: Flat
  • Shoe Width: Medium

The Nike Unisex-Adult Precision Iii was declared the most comfortable shoe for playing on concrete by many wearers. And they wanted to buy another pair because of it’s cheap price tag, satisfy shoe material, great lateral stability, and comfy true size fit.

The high-quality textile and a rubber material of the shoe make it lightweight and supportive. Moreover, buyers were amazed by its different color schemes and dazzling color blocking. A thick rubber traction pattern feels comfortable while jumping and supportive when you landed on the ground. You will feel no pain even after a continuous playing time.

IMEVA midsole cushioning is made for high jumps and it has a launch and land mechanism that is very helpful for dunkers as well as for hitters in volleyball. because it works well and provides extra banding support while you try to jump higher. So, this basketball shoe is good for volleyball hitters as well.

  • Mesh Upper With Suede/Leather Overlays
  • True Size Fit
  • High-Quality Material
  • Midfoot Stabilizer
  • Lace Closure Mechanism
  • Comfortable While Jumping
  • IMEVA Midsole
  • Thick Rubber Platform Heel
  • Cheap Dunking Shoes
  • Durability Issue
  • Less Stretchable

Things To Consider Before Buying A Dunking Shoe. Guideline

Hence you know the reason, why are you needed these dunking shoes. The next important part is to consider the basic elements, that will helps you to select the right shoes for yourself.

Some advanced tech materials have been used in their basic features to boost their abilities and help you to improve your vertical jump. 

So, we have mentioned those important points below, which you should consider while buying the dunking shoes for yourself.


The main key factor for finding the best basketball shoes for dunking under your budget range. however, when you are considering what design and model of dunking shoe to go with. it’s very important to know exactly about how much you can spend on the basketball jumping shoe.

Moreover, after finalizing your budget, know you can compare all the available options on your budget range.


It depends on your physique. If you are a heavy person you should look for a heavy duty shoe pair that can manage your weight and your feet movement with ease.

On the other hand. if you’re a player with less weight and need shoes that make you jump higher. Then you should consider a lightweight shoe model. 

This is Because, while jumping you need a shoe that must be lightweight, supportive and has a good lockdown mechanism. It will help you in both ways when you launch the jump and while you land on a surface.

A lightweight shoe can easily be stuck with your feet and provides extra support to your vertical jump.  


There are 3 different styles of basketball shoes

  • Upper style/High Top End
  • Mid Top
  • Lower top End

You need a shoe that provides extra lateral plus forward motion support and protect your feet & ankles. Because when you are jumping the chances of muscles pain, forefoot or heel pain, and ankle injuries are increases.

So, keep it in mind, you needed the right shoe pair that can protect your calves, feet and ankle area too. If you have weak ankles, you should go with the podiatrist recommended shoes with ankle support.

The upper style shoe model is very supportive for high jumping with its high top style, they provides extra protection to your ankle area.   


We have tested some basketball shoes for dunking lately and our research team found that the material must be soft, lightweight, and has great stretchability to survive those heavy landings. 

Furthermore, The Woven textile material or synthetic material can be durable in this situation. But hard material can not be durable for this job and soon it will be broken apart.


Most of the big sportswear brands have introduced an advanced bouncy cushioning unit in their latest models of jumping shoes for basketball.

Dunking shoes required extra bouncy cushioning in the midsole area. So, the shoes can work properly on launch and landing mechanisms. The amount of energy you give to the cushioning area will produce more bounce and help your vertical jump.


The Outsole traction in basketball jumping shoe is very important. The traction pattern must be more grippy, responsive and also capable of providing more comfort to your feet while landing on a hard surface or polished hardwood floor.

Yes, because the lightweight shoe can easily be stuck with your feet and provides extra support to your vertical jump. Lightweight shoes support your high jump and you feel nothing resistive to your jumping.

There are many shoes in the market that have all advanced features which are required to make your jump higher.

Our expert’s pick is : Nike Men’s Shoes KD 14 For Dunkers

This Nike shoe has all in one for you to jump higher and dunk the ball into the basket and score for your team.

We have already discussed a fully detailed review on

Nike Men’s Air Zoom BB NXT Basketball Shoes For Dunking

This Nike air zoom basketball shoe is seriously made for high jumping.

We have another recommendation for you. 

NIKE Unisex’s Air Max Impact 2 Basketball Shoe For Dunking

You should try this model if you want the latest tech features.

APL brand who have a variety of great basketball shoes. In 2010-11 They released their new basketball shoes model and this model is meant to be a game changer. because it has an ability to help the player jump higher than his actual jump.

They compressed the spring unit underneath the heel area that increases the vertical jump almost 4 inches.So, the NBA banned these performance enhancing shoes by the APL.


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