8 Well Cushioned Basketball Shoes For Plantar Fasciitis 2023

Here’s are the top 8 best basketball shoes Best For Plantar Fasciitis. They specially constructed with fine cushion midsole for foot protection. These bouncy cushioned shoes are recommended for those who suffer with these types foot problems.

In basketball, ankle sprain and Foot Pain are the most common problems that accrued to almost every basketball player at least once in his/her career. Because you’ve to make quick lateral movements, hard jumping, running to stay in the game.

Resulting in common pain issues in feet. The Plantar fasciitis is one of these foot problems which is caused by a problem with your plantar fascia.

Who Should Wear These?

In Expert’s Opinion, if you’re having any foot problems or ankle pain then you should stop playing and get some medicines to relieve the pain.

Or even though if you wanted to play, you should wear the shoes that provide good arch support, ankle support, and enough heel support to your feet to protect them. They’ll help you to easily overcome these problems and enjoy your game.

So, we already have a fully detailed article about ankle injuries in basketball and some best high-cut basketball shoes to prevent these injuries. Furthermore, we’ve reviewed a good number of ultra comfy work shoes for plantar fasciitis to stay focused and look more comfortable at your work.

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8 Best Basketball Shoes For Plantar Fasciitis

Nike Men's Shoes Lebron 18
Nike Men’s Shoes Lebron 18
  • 1: Lightweight & Breathable
  • 2: Ultra Comfy Midsole
  • 3: Best Basketball Shoes Heel Pain
  • 4: Best NBA Dunking Shoes
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Overall Best
LI-NING All City Wade Men Cushioning Basketball Shoes
LI-NING All City Wade Men Cushioning Basketball Shoes
  • 1: Dwyane Wade Basketball Shoes
  • 2: Li Ning’s flick cushioning technology
  • 3: Great Lateral support
  • 4: Highly Recommended For Foot Pain
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Most Popular
Under Armour Lockdown 6 Basketball Shoes
Under Armour Lockdown 6 Basketball Shoes
  • 1: Durable Leather Upper
  • 2: Foam Padded Ankle Collar
  • 3: Best Budget Wide Fit Sneakers
  • 4: Best For Foot Pain
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Expert’s Choice
Adidas Harden Stepback 3 Basketball Shoe
Adidas Harden Stepback 3 Basketball Shoe
  • 1: Soft textile stretchy and comfortable upper
  • 2: Lightweight Bouncy Cushioning
  • 3: Best Wide Fit basketball Shoes 2022
  • 4: Best BB Shoes For Plantar Fasciitis
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Well Cushioined
Nike Men's KD Trey 5
Nike Men’s KD Trey 5
  • 1: Durable Premium Material
  • 2: Well Cushioned Midsole
  • 3: Lightweight & Breathable
  • 4: Stylish Basketball Sneakers
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Amazon’s Choice
Adidas Own The Game 2.0
Adidas Own The Game 2.0
  • 1: Textile and synthetic lining
  • 2: Best Bouncy Basketball Sneakers 2023
  • 3: Soft And Comfortable Midsole
  • 4: Best For Outdoor Courts
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Latest Edition
ASHION Mens Basketball Shoes
ASHION Mens Basketball Shoes
  • 1: Quality&Breathable Upper
  • 2: Wear-resistant&Anti-slip Outsole
  • 3: Professional Basketball Shoes design
  • 4: Boost Cushioning Midsole
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Runner Up
Nike Jordan Men's Shoes Jordan Zion 1
Nike Jordan Men’s Shoes Jordan Zion 1
  • 1: Bouncy Cushioning
  • 2: Mj Bloodline Series
  • 3: Durable Material
  • 4: Regular Fit
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How To Choose The Right Basketball Shoe – Pro Guide For Buyers

Today, you can choose from numerous types of basketball shoes. If you have never bought one before, looking for the right pair may be a bit tricky for you. What you need to do is go for sneakers that offer perfect fit and support.

Investing in a pair that feels comfortable and helps you give your best performance is paramount. So, Finalize your Needs then go to market and Here’s the pro tips that can help you make the best choice.

Low, Mid or High Design

You can find these boots in 3 heights: low, mid and high. The low cut B-ball shoe offers better agility and speed. They are a great choice for guards. The high type is ideal for extra support for your ankle.

So, you can maintain your stability while playing. They are a good choice for centers and forwards. Mid types are more suitable for players that need something in-between the two types for ankle support.


The style of your B-ball sneakers is also important. At times, the look of the shoes gives you the push you need to deliver your best performance. Keeping that in mind, it’s a good idea to invest in a functional pair of shoes.


Some products are made of stiff material for better stability and protection. In the midsole area of the well cushion basketball shoes, there should be a thin layer for better cushioning without compromising on comfort.

Lightweight or Heavy basketball shoe

If a product can’t stand the test of time, buying it won’t be of any use. The shoes lose their strength and stability when the seams or fabric keeps on stretching out. Although the extra weight offers more durability. You can buy lightweight products that still last much longer.


The material of the product is an important factor to consider when making a choice. Unlike the conventional leather, the synthetic options are more popular.

However, you can find many styles that are a combo of canvas, mesh and leather.

Fit Lockdown

The end of your shoe and the big toe must have a little room in-between them. As far as width is concerned, make sure the shoe fits comfortably and doesn’t feel too loose or snug.

The heel can move a bit left and right but it should never slide or slip. So, here is the guide that helps you to measure your shoe size at home.


Outsole is the area that connects you to the court. Usually, synthetic materials or rubber is used for making this part of your shoes. Since you need enough traction while playing,  your shoe must have a good outsole with best traction.

For added grip, outsole that come with herringbone or hexagonal patterns can be an ideal choice. This type of footwear will prevent you from sliding on the court.


Although expensive shoes don’t necessarily help players give their best performance, you may still want to get a budget friendly b-ball shoe. Make sure that the pair will meet your needs.

In short, buying the best pair of basketball shoes can help you improve your performance on-the-court while giving you a confident boost. Therefore, you may want to follow these tips to go for the best shoes.

NOTE: How to Clean Basketball Shoes – Read More Here

6 Podiatrist Recommended Shoes For Basketball

These well cushioned basketball shoes were used by many players who have been suffering with plantar fasciitis. And they share their personal experience about the shoe that they have used.

If you’re facing the plantar fasciitis problem, you can pick any of these well cushioned shoes from our collection. These bouncy shoes have a boosted midsole, a great arch supportive mechanism, and provide perfect fit.

These comfortable features are very helpful for overcoming these foot injuries.

  • Textile Leather + TPU
  • Rubber outsole with herringbone tread pattern
  • Grooves in the outsole promote flexibility
  • Lightweight closed-mesh material with structured overlays
  • Molded Jump man design on tongue
  • Classic MJ Sneaker for plantar fasciitis
  • Boosted Midsole To Prevent Foot Pain
  • Best Basketball Sneaker For Impact Protection

This Nike Jordan Zoom 92 has a breathable mesh upper for keeping your feet dry and clean. This fine quality mesh upper material is very lightweight and long lasting.

It’s lightweight midsole unit that has soft and bouncy cushioning zoom pods underneath. This bouncy cushioning is designed to provide extra comfort and protection to your feet. It makes all your toes comfortable like wearing nothing.

A Rubber outsole with herringbone traction pattern has excellent grip on both(indoor) and (outdoor) courts. Moreover, two stickers(NIKE) (Jordan) down there, it looks cool!

This basketball sneaker for plantar fasciitis can be used for multiple purposes, like casual wear, fashion sneaker, or as a multiple sports court shoe.

  • Rubber sole
  • Best Budget Basketball Shoes For Foot Pain
  • Breathable Leather Upper
  • Lightweight & Durable
  • Best for flat feet & bunions
  • Foam Padded Ankle Collar
  • Available In Multi Colors
  • Podiatrist Recommended Basketball Shoes Plantar Support

The under Armour Lockdown 6 is the most comfortable basketball shoe for plantar fasciitis. It uses the herringbone traction pattern that’s actually very nice. the stopping power is very smooth, it wasn’t tripping anything. Thick rubber outsole is very durable and overall its ground grip is excellent.

The midsole unit is very responsive, and has a bouncy cushioning unit for better protection and comfortable jumping. This type of stiff cushioning unit is very suitable for plantar fascia pain.

The upper section is made of 100% Leather which is very lightweight and breathable. It looks premium but it is not, though. But it’s high top style looks very cool and yes it is durable.

  • Rubber Sole
  • Best Basketball Shoes For Plantar Fasciitis 2023
  • Breathable Synthetic Upper
  • Lightweight & Durable
  • Best for High Arch & Flat Feet
  • Foam Padded Ankle Collar
  • Best Basketball Shoes For Jumping

The awesome looking basketball shoe for plantar fasciitis from Nike, is quite a stylish shoe that have very flexible construction. It has a lightweight upper that crafted from nubuck synthetic and textile materials with plenty of detailed stitching throughout.

There’s a lace-up closure to provide a proper fit, a nicely foam padded collar and tongue for added comfort. You got perforation on the upper sole for added breathability and got this full Phylon midsole as well as air sole.

However, in the midsole It’s got a soft and bouncy midsole heel unit for added impact protection. That supreme cushioning will help you jump higher with comfort.

And the lightly cushioning sits very confidently. A sticky and durable outsole is the most undeniable feature and they’re the best basketball shoes for arch support from Nike!

  • FitVille High-Top Rebound Core
  • Rubber Sole
  • Ankle-Protecting High-Top Design
  • All-Time Classic Style
  • Patented Propel core Sole
  • Great Support And Unprecedented Cushioning
  • Wide Toe Box And High Instep
  • Shock-Absorbing Pad
  • Available In Both Wide And X-Wide
  • Extremely Comfortable For Plantar Fasciitis
  • Best Basketball Shoes For Knee Pain

The FitVille makes shoes for people with wide width although the toe box is round and high. This is good for people with bunions and hammertoes.

The instep is higher than most wide basketball shoes which are great for high Arches, bone spurs on the top of their feet or have mild to moderate swelling with plantar Fasciitis or arthritis of the feet. 

The dual density insole gives increased shock absorption and more rear foot control preventing overpronation. The added width of this shoes is nice for those who wear custom foot orthotics and need shoes that will accommodate their feet.

So, if you’re in need of a comfortable Basketball shoe for plantar fasciitis in a wider Width, this FitVille Basketball sneaker may work for you. However, if you do not have any of the foot conditions that I mentioned before, or you have narrow feet then this is not the right shoe for you.

Adidas Originals Men’s Pro – Well Cushioned Basketball Shoes

best basketball shoes for plantar fasciitis
  • Breathable Textile Mesh Upper
  • Bounce Midsole Cushioning
  • Multi directional Herringbone-Pattern
  • Lightweight with heel support
  • Best Basketball Shoes For Impact Protection
  • Best For Achilles Pain Relief 
  • TPU shank and propulsion plate For Optimal on-court support.
  • Best Budget Shoes For Plantar Fasciitis
  • Best Traction Shoe For Outdoor & Indoor

Adidas Pro Bounce has a textile mesh upper that is very lightweight and breathable. This textile upper with lacing closure mechanism creates perfect fit for your feet.

This soft cushioning unit protects your feet while jumping for slam dunk and supports arch area. Moreover, an extended ankle collar holds your ankle joint more firmly.

A rubber outsole having a herringbone traction pattern provides great ground grip, and supports your lateral movement on every court surface.
This Adidas pro bounce basketball shoe is recommended for plantar support and high arches also available at a very reasonable price tag and available in different colors.

  • Textile Fabric Material
  • Best Basketball Shoes For Flat Feet 2023
  • Solid Material For Toe Protection 
  • Lightweight & Durable
  • Removable Orthopedic Insole
  • Foam Padded Ankle Collar
  • Shock Absorbing Sole
  • Highly Recommended For Foot Pain

Nike Zion 1 basketball shoe is a great edition by Jordan and it is the first signature shoe of Zion Williamson. It is highly recommended for those who have foot pain. It has a durable textile upper for added flexibility plus support. Overall it is a lightweight shoe that provide speed and support your lateral moves.

The midsole is made with full length phylone material. This is very soft and comfy. If you’re having foot pain and need plantar support from your footwear it could be the best choice for you. Moreover, the outsole is constructed with durable rubber with engineered traction pattern. This kind of traction is best for indoor and outdoor courts.

  • Dwayne Wade Basketball Shoes
  • LI-NING BOOM Flick Cushioning
  • Thermoplastic stabilization device For Arch Support
  • Lightweight & Breathable Upper
  • Excellent Plantar Support
  • Latest Strap Mechanism For Good Lockdown
  • Anti-Slip Professional Shock Absorption Sneakers
  • Textile + Synthetic Leather Material

The LI-NING All City is a signature shoe series of NBA Star Dwayne Wade. Dwyane Tyrone Wade Jr. is an American former professional basketball player. Wade spent the majority of his 16-year career playing for the Miami Heat of the National Basketball Association (NBA) and won three NBA championships.

The LI-NING All City is the best basketball shoes for comfort and its lightweight textile synthetic upper support you to go with your maximum speed. Its hollow design of the midsole could effectively reduce the weight of the shoe body , The lateral support structure design of the shoe body improves the lateral support performance.

Moreover, the forefoot of the sole is equipped with Li Ning’s flick cushioning technology to help sensitive startup response. Lastly, Thermoplastic stabilization device provides support performance and supports the arch of the foot during the propulsion stage.


The Plantar fasciitis is one of these foot problems which is caused by a problem with your plantar fascia. Expert recommend not to play in plantar fasciitis and rest your feet to recover quickly. But if you want to play you should wear a well cushioned basketball shoe that is recommended by experts.

  1. Nike Men’s Shoes Lebron 18
  2. Under Armour Unisex-Adult Lockdown 6 Basketball Shoes
  3. Adidas Own The Game 2.0
  4. Nike Jordan Men’s Shoes Jordan Zion 1
  5. Adidas Harden Stepback 3 Basketball Shoe

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