The Ultimate Guide to Choosing The Durable Basketball Shoes For Volleyball

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basketball shoes for volleyball

The most durable basketball shoes best for hitters are the ones that can withstand the wear and tear of frequent jumping, landing, and cutting on the court. They should have strong and sturdy materials, reliable traction, and adequate cushioning and support.

Whereas the sport of volleyball is generally unique in relation to basketball. The modules for picking excellent volleyball shoes are not the same as that of basketball shoes. Thus, I’m here to assist you with picking the best basketball shoe to play volleyball with superior Comfort.

Are basketball shoes suitable to play volleyball?

The answer is “Yes” because in both sports you need a shoe that provides excellent lateral stability and a well cushioned bouncy midsole for jumping. But it may affect your performance and comfort. The basketball shoes are designed for forward movement, while volleyball shoes are designed for multi-directional movement.

Moreover, basketball shoes have thicker and more cushioned soles, while volleyball shoes have thinner and more flexible soles. Lastly, basketball shoes have ankle support and a heel-to-toe drop, while volleyball shoes have a low-cut profile and a forefoot pad.

Therefore, if you want to optimize your volleyball game, it may be better to wear volleyball shoes that are specially designed for the sport. They can provide better traction, support, and stability on the court, as well as reduce the risk of injury.

However, if you only have basketball shoes or you play on different types of courts frequently, you may want to choose a pair of basketball shoes that can handle both indoor and outdoor surfaces.

This collection of basketball shoes has been created for you in light of intensive examination, testing, and input from experts. So, we make sure that we recommend you the best multi purpose basketball shoe that is good for volleyball.

List Of 11 Best Basketball Shoes For Volleyball

  1. Nike Kyrie Flytrap IV – Lightweight Shoes
  2. PUMA Men’s Triple Basketball Shoes – Best For Speed
  3. PEAK High Top Mens Basketball Shoes Best For Hitters
  4. Beita Men’s Multiple Sports Basketball Shoes
  5. Nike Unisex-Adult Precision Iii Basketball, Volleyball Shoe
  6. Nike Men’s Lebron Witness IV
  7. Adidas Men’s Own Game 2.0 – Best For Jumping
  8. Adidas Men’s Pro Vision Indoor Court Sneakers
  9. Nike Men’s KD Trey 5 – Best Basketball/ Volleyball Shoes
  10. Adidas Harden Step Back 6 – Best Basketball,Volleyball Indoor Shoe
  11. New Balance Two-Way Basketball Volleyball Shoes

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4 Things To Consider While Buying Shoes For Volleyball – Pro Guide

Basketball Shoes For Volleyball


Volleyball is an extreme motion game and you have to move fast to stay in the game. There is no room to hide. On these hard conditions, you need a great traction unit on the outsole area to survive there.

So, your shoe for volleyball must have excellent traction, great lateral movements and importantly ankle support.


Quality always matters. Make sure your shoe has breathable and durable upper material and a fine quality rubber outsole for better stability and great ground grip. Most of these athletic sneakers have machine washable material that is easily cleanable.


The shoe must be fit and have proper lockdown to your feet. If your shoe does not truly fit your feet, it will disturb your game and you may fall off while you are making quick lateral movements.

So, the most important aspect is that your shoe should be fit and provide proper lockdown to your feet.


Your basketball shoe for volleyball must be comfortable because volleyball is a high-intensity sport that puts a lot of pressure on your feet as well as on your back. That can create issues like lower back pain, plantar fasciitis, or ankle sprain. 

The right pair of shoes with good padding or special cushioning units in the midsole fight those problems. Moreover, they will help you to enhance your overall game performance and make your time on the court more enjoyable.

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5 Best Lightweight Basketball Shoes For Volleyball

These are some of the best basketball volleyball shoes you can consider when shopping for durable basketball shoes best for hitters. You can also look at other factors such as your foot shape, your playing style, and your personal preference.

Volleyball is been playing in both indoor and outdoor courtrooms. Even on the beaches, which known as Beach Volleyball. On the outdoor court, you need better traction, great lateral stability, Comfortable Cushioning, and good quality material. Moreover, following are the best basketball shoes suitable for volleyball on outdoor courtroom.

Nike Kyrie Flytrap IV – Lightweight Shoes For Hitters

best basketball shoes for volleyball


  • Textile Mesh upper
  • Zoom Air Midsole & Extra Ankle Support
  • Multi Purpose basketball shoes For Volleyball
  • Synthetic panel on back heel
  • Best Ankle Support Shoes For Volleyball

100% Synthetic leather and textile upper that is flexible, durable, comfortable and there are no hotspots. This Nike’s shoe is especially designed for the big and heavyweight players. If you are playing on your above average to really clean courts, you aren’t gonna have any problems at all.

However, if you are playing on a dusty court you will need to wipe them or there will be some slippage issues.

PUMA Men’s Triple Basketball Shoes – Best For Speed

PUMA Men's Triple Basketball Shoe


  • Best Budget Shoe For Basketball, Volleyball
  • Integrated Form strip lockdown lacing system
  • Full length Pro foam Cushion
  • PUMA’s High Abrasion Sticky rubber compound
  • Best Wide Fit Basketball Shoes For Volleyball

The Triple from PUMA is a great basketball shoe that features a breathable mesh upper that is very durable. You’ve got these great synthetic leather overlays and seamless synthetic overlays at the toe for added protection and durability.

Furthermore, a traditional lace-up design provides a secure fit with padding on the tongue and collar. These are the cheapest basketball shoes for multiple sports and can be wear for volleyball.

PEAK High Top Mens Basketball Shoes Best For Hitters

PEAK High Top Mens Basketball Shoes


  • Best Traction B-Ball Shoe For Outdoor
  • A Stabilization Module For Lateral Stability
  • Anti-Slip Ethylene Vinyl Acetate Sole
  • Durable & Breathable Upper
  • Extra Wide Toe Box Good For Bunions
  • Most Durable Basketball Shoes For Volleyball Hitters

These Peak’s basketball shoes are very comfortable and unexpectedly to play volleyball even tennis. In addition, you’ll feel protective while playing with them, because of their high cut design they’re suitable for volleyball. 

This lightweight shoe has a woven textile mesh upper with classic lacing system that produces perfect fit for your feet. Lastly, they’re the best men’s basketball shoes to play volleyball and also they’re very cheap. You can wear them for multiple outdoor playing sports.

    Beita Men’s Multiple Sports Basketball Shoes

    Beita Men's Basketball Shoes


    • Wear-Resistant And Breathable
    • Outer Material: Breathable Mesh Upper
    • Anti Slip Outsole & Good Ankle Protection
    • Cheapest Basketball Shoes For Volleyball Players
    • Best Lightweight Basketball Shoe For Volleyball Hitters
    • Most Suitable Option For Kids and Youth

Beita is a new name in the sportswear category on Amazon. Suitable for Men Shoes, Basketball shoes, Tennis Shoes, Running Shoes, Walking Shoes, Team Sports Shoes, Fashion Sneakers, volleyball shoes, Gym Workout Shoes, Work Shoes, Outdoor Jogging Shoes. 

However, BEITA Basketball shoes are conducive to the free breathing of the feet during exercise and will not feel stuffy. This is one of the cheapest well cushioned basketball shoes for wide flat feet in the market. Lastly, these lightweight basketball shoes are best for the speed and support your jumping while playing basketball or volleyball.

Nike Unisex-Adult Precision Iii Basketball, Volleyball Shoe

Nike Unisex-Adult Precision Iii Basketball Shoe


  • Breathable Synthetic Upper
  • Multi-directional traction
  • Shock absorbing Lightweight Midsole
  • Non-marking rubber outsole
  • Best Basketball Shoes For volleyball 2023

This is the Precision III from Nike. This lightweight shoe from Nike features a breathable mesh upper and synthetic overlays in key areas of the shoe for structural support and durability.

A traditional lace-up design that goes all the way up for secure fit around the foot Padding on the tongue and collar for additional comfort.

Overall, using this iconic basketball shoes for volleyball can be a good choice. Specially if you need extra support from your footwear.

3 Best Basketball Shoes For Volleyball Hitters

In volleyball, the hitter and the blocker, both need a high jump to get a point for his team. We have dozens of Jumping shoes and their reviews in our previous articles.

These shoes were worn by many big names in the NBA. at a professional level. They’re the perfect shoes to make you jump high.

basketball Shoes that good for hitters by

Adidas Men’s Own Game 2.0 – Best For Jumping

Adidas shoes for volleyball


  • 100% Textile Synthetics
  • Men’s Basketball Shoes For All-Game Comfort
  • Dual-Material Mesh Upper Offers Breathable Comfort
  • Light Motion Cushioning Enhances Dynamic Movements
  • Adiwear Outsole Provides A Durable Grip
  • Best Multiple sports Indoor Court Sneaker
  • Cheapest Lightweight Basketball Shoes For Hitters

This Basketball sneaker is made with a regular wide fit style and it’s got a molded TPU counter in the back with an easy lace-up on the front to give you a secure fit. This best selling athletic sneaker has extra reinforcement with synthetic across the toe with a rubber toe cap as well to keep you feeling great.

Moreover, it does have lots of cushioning on the inside, on the collar, on the ankle, and on the tongue. especially for that lock-down fit while making sure it feels super fresh and breathable.

Update your volleyball performance while staying comfortable and looking fresh with this multiple sports court sneaker from Adidas.

Adidas Men’s Pro Vision Indoor Court Sneakers

Adidas Basketball Shoes For Hitters


  • Textile And Synthetic Material
  • High-Abrasion Toe Cap
  • Flexible Bounce Midsole
  • Beautiful Sleek Design
  • Well Cushioned Basketball Shoes For Jumpers
  • Breathable And Reliable Upper

Adidas pro vision basketball shoes have a premium quality in material. The textile mesh upper is very lightweight and breathable. And the midsole unit has bouncy cushioning that helps you to jump high for a slam dunk.

The outsole unit has Silone’s traction pattern that provides great ground traction on indoor courts. They stick to the court like there was glue on the outsole. Also, it’s available in different color at a very reasonable price.
Besides from a stability and comfort point of view, this basketball jumping shoe is the best for the job.

Nike Men’s KD Trey 5 – Best Basketball/ Volleyball Shoes

Best Sneakers for volleyball


  • Durable Textile Upper
  • Beautiful Sleek Design
  • Zoom Unit In The Forefoot
  • React Foam Layer Under The Heel
  • Excellent Lateral Stability
  • Ultra Comfy Shoe For Volley Hitters

We have a very classic basketball shoe KD Trey 5 VIII from Nike. Typical for many other hoop shoes there’s a traditional lacing system and they’re very easy to put on any type of foot. KD trey 5 is wide foot-friendly, if you have really wide feet these basketball sneakers are best for you. But if you have regular or narrow feet then go half a size down or maybe even full size down.

Moreover, the upper of the shoe is made of a very soft and flexible textile material that is really comfortable and non-restrictive, with no pressing rubbing or anything like that. This Nike basketball shoe is good for volleyball hitters because of their bouncy midsole and overall lightweight material.

Top 2 Basketball Shoes For Volleyball With Best Traction

Mostly indoor courts are cleaned and polished and even have a hardwood floor. The court environment is much friendly and has a stable temperature. We’ve mentioned 2 best traction basketball court shoes that are suitable for volleyball. Check them out below.

Adidas Harden Step Back 6 – Best Basketball,Volleyball Indoor Shoe

Adidas Sneakers For Volleyball


  • Ergonomic Lacing System
  • Light And Breathable Feel
  • Multiple Different Color Styles
  • Best Budget Shoes For Volleyball Hitters
  • Breathable And Long Lasting Material
  • Best Traction Basketball Shoes Good For Volleyball

Adidas Harden Step back is the most stable and well cushioned basketball shoe for both sports(basketball & Volleyball). This basketball shoe has a fine quality upper material, comfortable bouncy midsole, and a thick rubber outsole unit having a full-length herringbone traction pattern.

Moreover, these powerful orthotic features make them the best basketball shoes for volleyball and other workout exercises. 

New Balance Two-Way Basketball Volleyball Shoes

New Balance basketball shoes


  • Fine Quality Synthetic Upper
  • New Balance Basketball Shoes For Comfort
  • Well Cushioned Fuel Cell Midsole
  • Best Basketball Shoes For Max Grip
  • Full Length Split And Translucent Traction Pattern
  • Extremely Lightweight And Breathable

There we’ve got New Balance Two-Way basketball shoes. It’s like a shoe that’s more versatile and it’s an all-around basketball shoe for basically everyone. We’ve seen some new balanced athletes wearing these best traction BB shoes and just on another side note, Jamal Murray has signed a multi-year deal with New Balance previously he was with Adidas. That’s dope!

You know New Balance has been making moves and of course, you know they release the Omnis and this is apparently not quite Leonard’s signature shoe.


Basketball shoes are designed primarily for the court, with little to no cushion and no lateral support specifically for the sport of volleyball. So, If you’re a serious volleyball player, you should always wear a original volleyball shoe. They’re more comfortable then other court shoe, even they’re suitable to play volleyball game.

  • Most Comfortable – Under Armour Lockdown 6 For Hitters
  • Overall Best – Nike Mens KD Trey 5 VIII Basketball Shoes
  • Best For Jumping – Adidas Men’s Own the game 2.0
  • Best For The Budget – Lou Williams Streetball Master
  • Best For Speed – Nike Men’s Kyrie Flytrap IV

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