Adidas Yeezy Quantum Basketball Shoes – Review

Here we’re talking about the Adidas Yeezy Quantum basketball shoes. Of course, Kanye West designed these sneakers. Yeezy shoes has been number one in producing some advanced and unique style shoes, like Yeezy 450, Yeezy 700, 700 V2, 700 V3, Yeezy 350, and so on. This Yeezy quantum is specially designed for basketball and it’s the pro athletic design shoe from Kanye’s Yeezy shoes.

We’ve 3 different colorways that available on amazon. This sneaker made its famous debut in 2020 at the NBA All-Star weekend. Of course, Kanye team was driving around Chicago giving out the lifestyle version of this, but you did see the basketball version pop up on the court with players like Zach Levine and Brandon Ingram was wearing them.

It obviously had a lot of hype coming in because this is Kanye West’s first basketball shoe. 


  • Premium Knitted Material
  • Double Layer Knit High Top Tongue
  • Best Shoe For Outdoor And Indoor Courts
  • Modern Lacing System
  • Superior Lateral Stability 
  • Boosted Midsole Unit
  • Enormous Extrinsic Heel Counter
  • Full-Length Wavy Herringbone Traction
  • Available In Narrow And Wide Fitting
  • Best For Both Flat And High-Arched Players
  • Neoprene Insole
  • Comfortable Sneakers For Foot Pain
  • Maximum Durability
  • Can Be Used As A Basketball Shoe, Casual plus Work Shoe, Gym Workout Shoe, Volleyball Shoe, Walking Shoe, and For Other Athletic Activities.

adidas YZY Qntm Barium Mens
Adidas Yeezy QNTM Barium
adidas Mens Yeezy QNTM GX1317 Onyx
Yeezy QNTM Onyx
adidas Yeezy QNTM Teal Blue
Adidas QNTM Teal Blue

Yeezy QNTM Basketball Vs Lifestyle

When reading customer feedback I found there was great confusion between what was the basketball version, and what was the lifestyle version. 

There are some major differences, like the back of the basketball quantum. It’s a little more straight going up and it has more of a sock liner for the ankle.

The lifestyle version is a bit looser. Maybe the big difference that will draw your eye immediately is the TPU cage around the basketball version.

On the sides, these do not glow in the dark though, but that would be so cool if they did. Once you’re trying the shoe on, you will see a major difference in the structure. 

The tongue is built a little bit differently, it’s a little more firm, and the bootie is very well constructed. Comparing with a low top design shoe, it’s ankle collar is much higher and that is good for your ankle joints.

I wish that the lifestyle version was a little bit more like this. Even though it’s a little tighter, it’s very easy to just slip your foot inside the sneaker.

This wide shoe has a wavy herringbone traction pattern outsole and a bouncy midsole that protect your fast moves and maximize your stability while playing with them.

After all this well cushioned shoe is the best to play on outdoor courts as well as indoor courts. Not only basketball but it can be used for other indoor athletic activities, like gym workout, rope jumping, etc.

Yeezy basketball shoes fit
yeezy QNTM basketball shoes

Yeezy Quantum Sizing

When speaking of sizing, Yeezy Quantum is a true-to-size fit shoe. I’ve ordered size 10 in a size eight and a half, and it fits well for me. So, my suggestion is to go true to size.

This is the first Yeezy shoe that Is true to size. Normally I go a half size up regarding 350, Adidas Yeezy Desert Boot 380, 450, Yeezy Foam Runners and 700 v3. I have a size 8 and f and it fits well. 

It’s not too big because it is wide, but that is just my suggestion, technically you can also go a half size up if you want more space, and a small wiggle room. Going half size up is not bad at all, but my suggestion is you can go through the size and it will fit you perfectly.

So, if going true to size is just right but if you can’t get your true to size go a half size up don’t go a full size up because it will look big. Actually wearing this really looks big but going through the size is just good enough.

Yeezy Basketball shoe Reviews

Yeezy Basketball shoe Reviews

So, after trying on the Yeezy quantum basketball, I must say I really appreciate this pair even more than the lifestyle version. I wouldn’t be mad if the lifestyle version just stopped being produced and Kanye just stuck with the basketball version because you can still wear this as a lifestyle shoe but I think it’s very comfortable shoe to play basketball in.

It is a bit heavier than a lot of the basketball shoes that we’ve tested before.

This basketball all rounder shoe has an extended ankle collar that provides good ankle support. It is a very well cushioned, and well-structured basketball sneaker and it looks cool.

One thing that I’ve concern about is it’s weight. It’s a heavy shoe and if you’re a skinny person you may get tired soon because it’s not like regular basketball shoe that are comfortable for running.

The rubber outsole contains a full-length wavy traction pattern that is extremely stable and supports your lateral movements. This sticky outsole is best for both indoor and outdoor basketball courts. Recently, I posted an article on the best traction basketball shoes, and now it made me think that this stable sneaker must be included in that list.

It’s a comfortable jumping shoe for basketball and a soft bouncy midsole with good quality rubber outsole surely boost your confidence and will help to make you jump higher.

Adidas Yeezy Quantum Basketball Shoes On Feet