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low top basketball shoes
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If you’re looking for the best low top basketball shoes for speed to buy right now, this list you must check. These low cut style basketball shoe are the best option for those who need more speed and maximum ground support.

Generally, low top sneakers may be better for speed than high top sneakers, because they are lighter and require less effort to lift your feet with each stride.

However, this may depend on your personal preference, foot shape, and injury history. Some people may prefer high top sneakers for more ankle support and stability, especially if they have a history of ankle sprains or injuries.

8 Best Low Top NBA Sneakers 2023 (List Updated)

Amazon’s CHOICE
Jordan Zion 2 Men's Basketball Shoes
Jordan Zion 2 Men’s Basketball Shoes
  • 1: Mid-cut basketball sneaker
  • 2: Air Strobel unit in heels
  • 3: Reinforced sidewalls offer extra stability
  • 4: Zion signature logo at tongue, outsoles
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Best Overall
Under Armour Spawn Low Basketball Shoe
Under Armour Spawn Low Basketball Shoe
  • 1: Most Stable Basketball Shoes
  • 2: Synthetic and Textile
  • 3: Lightweight Bouncy Midsole
  • 4: Under Armour Low Top Shoes For Speed
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Attractive Design
Nike Men's Zoom Freak 1 Basketball Shoe
Nike Men’s Zoom Freak 1 Basketball Shoe
  • 1: Giannis Antetokounmpo’s Signature Series
  • 2: Best shoes for dunking
  • 3: Nike Original Basketball Shoes
  • 4: True size fit
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Trae Young Shoes
Adidas Unisex-Adult Trae Unlimited Basketball Shoe
Adidas Unisex-Adult Trae Unlimited Basketball Shoe
  • 1: Responsive Trae Young Basketball Shoes
  • 2: Best Traction Rubber Outsole
  • 3: Lightweight Bounce Cushioning
  • 4: Low Cut Design Shoes For Speed
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Damian Lillard basketball Shoes
Adidas Dame 8
Adidas Dame 8
  • 1: Damian Lillard Shoes 2023
  • 2: Dual-density Bounce Pro cushioning
  • 3: The rubber outsole delivers great grip
  • 4: ECCO Friendly Sneakers
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Best B-ball All Courts Shoe
PUMA Men's Triple Low
PUMA Men’s Triple Low
  • 1: Extremely Comfortable
  • 2: Best Basketball Shoes For Boys
  • 3: Cheapest Low Top Sneakers
  • 4: Lightweight, Breathable Material
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Best Of 2023
Nike Kyrie 5 Low Men's Basketball Shoes
Nike Kyrie 5 Low Men’s Basketball Shoes
  • 1: Nike Kyrie 5 Men’s Basketball Shoes
  • 2: Well Cushioned Midsole
  • 3: Best Basketball Shoes For Speed
  • 4: Great Support For Lateral Moves
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Lightweight Low Top Shoes
Nike Lebron Witness 6
Nike Lebron Witness 6
  • 1: Lightweight And Breathable Textile Upper
  • 2: Soft Underfoot Cushioning
  • 3: Best Basketball Shoes For Speed
  • 4: Stylish Casual Sneaker Design
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Are Low Top Sneakers Better For Speed?


The low top basketball sneakers are designed to provide speed, better ground grip for lateral motion, lightweight players, maximum traction on courtrooms, and the main reason of their popularity is their sleek designs.

If you’re a lightweight player who needs stability for his quick moves or you play at guard position, you should go with the low tops. But if you’re suffering with any ankle injury or foot problem, you should wear high cut sneaker for basketball.

Things To Consider When Buying Low Top Basketball Shoes

There are a few points you should keep in mind while hunting for the best low top basketball shoes.


Most of the low top shoes that we have tested are lightweight and that shoe will help you increase your speed and your vertical jump. In expert’s opinion, you should go with the lightweight shoes, because it will improve your overall performance.  But if you are facing any foot pain or ankle sprain you should go with a high top model.


The midsole unit of a low cut basketball shoes does not have bouncy cushioning like high top models. Most of the low top sneakers have a thin foam cushioning and it did not have bounciness like high end basketball shoes.  But not all the low tops have thin cushioning in the midsole, many new models have bouncy cushioning that will help you to jump higher and slam dunk for your team.


For a proper ground grip, the shoe must have an excellent traction pattern on the outsole. A good traction basketball shoe provides maximum stability to your footwork on the courtroom and supports your fast lateral movements.


To prevent an ankle sprain or any other ankle injury, your shoe must have perfect fit lockdown. Your shoe should be true to size and create a suitable lockdown to your feet. However, a proper fit shoe holds your feet more firmly and does not allow your ankles to move freely. If it is not completely fit to size it may fall apart during the game.


The Material of the shoe has a direct impact on the life of any particular shoe. The majority of low top basketball shoes that we have tested have lightweight breathable upper material. Most of them are made of synthetic, textile mesh, or other durable materials.

But unfortunately they’re not durable as a high top shoe. But in our list you’ll find premium quality breathable upper that protect your feet and keep them clean all the time.

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high top vs low top basketball shoes

Top 10 Low Top Basketball shoes You Can Get In 2023

The Low top design shoes are also effective in providing breathability and comfort, which makes them the best choice for basketballers of all sizes.

These iconic basketball shoes are renowned for their lightness, flexibility and grip, making them ideal for fast paced and jump heavy sports such as volleyball and basketball.

Adidas Unisex-Adult Trae Unlimited Basketball Shoe

Adidas Trae Young low top Basketball-Shoes

Pros & Cons

  • Textile And Synthetic Material
  • Breathable & Flexible
  • Low Cut Design Shoes For Maximum Speed
  • Trae Young Basketball Signature Shoes
  • Best Traction Rubber Outsole
  • Well Cushioned Shoes For Comfort
  • Not Recommended For Outdoor Hard Courts
  • Requires Break In Period
  • A Bit Heavy Shoe

Adidas Trae Young basketball shoes have a premium quality mesh material. The textile and synthetic mesh upper is very lightweight and breathable. The midsole unit has bouncy cushioning that helps you to jump high for a slam dunk.

These Adidas Trae Young basketball shoes feature a low cut design and a cushioned Bounce midsole that responds to your every move on the hardwood. The signature 3-Stripes have a serrated textured design that goes from toe to midfoot. The rubber outsole with lateral grip zones provides traction as you change directions or make quick cuts to the basket.

They stick to the court like there was glue on the outsole. It’s available in different color at a very reasonable price.From a stability and comfort point of view, this low top basketball jumping shoe is the best for the job.

Nike Kyrie 5 Low Men’s Basketball Shoes

Nike Kyrie 5 Low Men's Basketball Shoes

Pros & Cons

  • Kyrie Irving Signature basketball Shoe
  • Lightweight Synthetic Upper
  • Soft Bouncy Midsole Cushioning
  • Full Length Zoom Air Unit
  • Best Basketball Shoes For High Arches
  • Unique Traction Pattern For Maximum Grip
  • Best Basketball Shoes For Guards
  • Breathability Issue
  • Requires Break In Time

The Nike Kyrie low 5 is a premium quality basketball shoe and run exactly true to size, I wouldn’t recommend these if you have a wide foot but you won’t have any problems with a high arch. The tongue is soft and well padded it helps prevent the laces from squeezing the foot.

Moreover, there is enough padding inside the shoe but the inner booty is a bit stiff and it presses against the ankles, which gives you a certain degree of discomfort especially when the leg tilts uncut and jumps.

I wasn’t the only one to have this issue a few guys told me they had the same thing thus the shoes require some time to break in. However, after one full practice in the gym the issue was gone and I felt pretty comfortable in the Nike Kyrie low 5.

Nike Zoom Freak 1 – Best Sneaker For Speed

Nike Zoom Freak 1 basketball Shoes

Pros & Cons

  • Giannis Antetokounmpo’s debut Sneaker with Nike
  • Backward switch feature
  • Lightweight and breathable upper
  • Fine Quality Material
  • Best Low Top Basketball Shoes 2023
  • Size Issue – Not For Wide Foot
  • Heavy Shoes

The Men’s Nike Zoom Freak 1 low top Basketball Shoe is super star Giannis debut sneaker with Nike, and boasts the responsive cushioning and locked down fit that you crave on the court. 

The traction pattern on the outsole unit reminds me of the Nike Air Zoom, these white portions definitely remind me of that sneaker or that traction pattern of the sneaker. Whereas the translucent sections are kind of weird.

The forefoot area of the shoe has nothing in there. There’s no Zoom, there’s no tech, or anything like that. But  the midsole foam feels like injected Phylon, it feels very similar to the Nike Kobe ad x2 Exodus.

The materials on these low cut basketball shoes are textile and it’s very basic textile material. It feels fairly similar to what they use on the LeBron 16, Louis the Kyrie low 2 so very similar.

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Under Armour Spawn – Low Top Basketball Shoes

best low top basketball sneaker

Pros & Cons

  • Synthetic and Textile
  • Best Budget Basketball Shoe
  • Interwoven layers of TPU films & PU coated mesh
  • Exposed mesh areas for superior breathability & flexibility
  • Additional padding around tongue & collar for complete comfort
  • Die cut EVA sockliner provides underfoot cushioning & support
  • Micro G foam midsole turns cushioned landings into explosive takeoffs
  • Size Issues
  • Need Break In Period

The materials again have the same exact thing like the original version of the high tops. it’s basically a fuse and then you have mesh in between them. and then they’ve just stripped this down, because it’s only covering the areas of your foot that needs it.

The midsole unit has full length micro G cushioning, and then you also have a Mike retreat insole and these things are just wickedly comfortable. This is one of my favorite cushions of all time, especially when we’re considering the foam category and this bouncy Micro G midsole will help you jump higher for dunking.

They fit true to size and I absolutely loved it’s anatomically correct. It will match your foot and there is no restriction or binding pinching anything like that.

So, whatever it is you want to do in these low cut basketball shoes. It’s gonna allow you to do it and it’s gonna allow you to do it without ever thinking that you’re even wearing a top rated basketball shoe.

PUMA Men’s Triple Low Cut Wide Basketball Shoes

PUMA Men's Triple Low Cut

Pros & Cons

  • Integrated Form Strip Lockdown Lacing System
  • Full length Pro Foam Engineered For Comfortable Midsole 
  • Full Coverage Rubber Outsole 
  • Best low cut B-ball Shoes For Hitters
  • Hard Sticky rubber compound
  • Best Basketball Shoes For Wide Flat Feet
  • Multi Purpose Sports Shoes
  • Durability Issue
  • Need Cleaning Regularly

The Puma’s version of boost foam cushion in this low top b-ball shoe feels very similar to the all pros, which had a puck of boost on the heel that really uplifted its Cushioning significantly. It’s very minimal and it’s got a good heel-to-toe drop, it may be because overall it has a low to the ground feel.

The traction pattern of this low top shoe is interesting. It feels like a multi-direction burst out traction that provides maximum ground grip. The upper material is sort of like an engineered mesh material.

It’s pretty breathable, it’s not laden with Thick inner body layers or neoprene materials. So, they do have a weird fit though. The toe box area is a bit roomy, not extra roomy but a bit roomy.

Puma Hybrid Hoops Shoe Best For Running

low top athletic sneaker

Pros & Cons

  • Featuring Uproar Hybrid ASG
  • Walk With Comfort And Style In These Classy And Cool Sneakers
  • Heel Puller For Ease Of Use
  • Best Basketball Shoes For Running
  • Rubber Outsole For Grip And Traction
  • Best Lightweight Basketball Shoes For Max Speed
  • Size Issue For Wide Footer
  • Need Cleaning

This is the best multi purpose athletic design shoe and it’s from Puma. It has a stylish and eye-catching design that actually the overall look enables it to be used for basketball, Volleyball, short distance running, and other physical activities. 

This lightweight low cut basketball shoe is a well made having premium quality material, a shock absorbing Uproar hybrid ASG midsole, and thick rubber outsole with full length wavy traction pattern. 

These all superior features make them more stable and responsive while playing with them. And the price is very low comparatively. It is true to size and it’s the best option for a wide footer.

At first you may feel tricky but after some time it’s going to be your everyday shoe. Its special design makes it the best option to be used as a fashion and casual shoe. In my opinion, this is the best low top basketball shoe at this cheap price rate.

Adidas Dame 8 Low Cut Design

Adidas Unisex-Adult Dame 8

Pros & Cons

  • Damian Lillard Basketball Shoes
  • Durable Textile Upper Offers Durability And Comfort
  • Wavy Bone Traction Rubber Outsole
  • Dual-Density Bounce Pro Energy Return Cushioning
  • Made With Recycled Content
  • Adidas Low Top Basketball Shoes For Outdoor
  • Needs Break In Period
  • Requires Cleaning

If you wanted a signature shoe at a fairly good price and is a banger on court. You should check out this Adidas Dame 8. Damian Lillard’s game speaks for itself. These Adidas basketball shoes give you a touch of Dame’s unique swagger. 

This low top sneaker features a new cushion setup that’s called bounce pro. This is supposed to be a dual density foam setup. This very lightweight and bouncy cushioning allows you to jump higher and protect your hard landings.

The dame 8 features a modified herringbone traction pattern for the most part and then scattered around the outer of the outsole. The traction is really very good and supports your fast lateral moves. If you play on hardwood courts it’s going to be your every game shoe but on dusty courts you may have some slipping issues. 

It’s available in multi different color styles at a very affordable price range. If you are a wide footer that’s gonna fit true to your size.

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LI-NING All City Wade Men Cushioning Basketball Shoes

Pros & Cons

  • Textile + Synthetic Leather
  • Dwyane Wade Basketball Shoes
  • Li Ning’s flick cushioning technology
  • Highly Recommended For Foot Pain
  • Best Low Top NBA Sneaker For Lateral Motion
  • Beautiful Sleek Design
  • Requires Break In Time
  • Size Issue For Wide Footer

The LI-NING All City is a signature shoe series of NBA Star Dwayne Wade. Dwyane Tyrone Wade Jr. is an American former professional basketball player. Wade spent the majority of his 16-year career playing for the Miami Heat of the National Basketball Association (NBA) and won three NBA championships.

The LI-NING All City is the best basketball shoes for comfort and its lightweight textile synthetic upper support you to go with your maximum speed. Its hollow design of the midsole could effectively reduce the weight of the shoe body. Its lateral support structure design of the shoe body improves the lateral support performance.

Nike Men’s Shoes Cosmic Unity Amalgam

Nike Men's Shoes Cosmic Unity Amalgam

Pros & Cons

  • Lightweight And Breathable Upper
  • Unique Style Basketball Sneaker
  • Low-Profile Cushioning Protects Your Hard Landings
  • Durable and Flexible Material
  • Nike Low Cut Basketball Shoes For Men 2023
  • Great Traction Rubber Outsole
  • Can Be Used AS Everyday Shoe
  • Needs Cleaning After Use
  • Sizing Issue For Wide Footers

This is the Cosmic Unity Amalgam from Nike. These awesome looking basketball shoes have a lightweight recycled material on the upper with a lightly cushioned collar and an integrated tongue up for extreme comfort. It has a lace-up system to lock your foot into place.

It’s built to contain your every move, from smooth turnaround jumpers to slick lay-ups off the glass. Moreover, a durable outsole on the bottom with a herringbone tread pattern to keep you steady go ahead and give them a classy look. This best traction B-ball shoe provides great stability on both indoor and outdoor courts.

Nike PG 6 Paul George Men’s Basketball Shoes

Nike PG 6 Paul George Men's Basketball Shoes

Pros & Cons

  • Paul George Basketball Signature Shoes
  • Best Basketball Shoes For Youth
  • Extremely Comfortable
  • Great Lateral Support 
  • Most Stylish NBA Sneakers
  • Well Cushioned Low Top Sneakers For Basketball 
  • Go Half a Size Up For Wide Feet
  • Expensive Shoes

Supportive and stylish, the PG 6 is a basketball training sneaker that gives you the best of both worlds. The Low-cut design that PG loves Forefoot strap system is built into the upper to help with stability Laces feed through the forefoot fit system along the side of the foot for a locked-in feel Injected TPU shank in the midsole provides support and stability.

They’ve Comfortable materials along the heel and collar help remove any pressure points and provide all-around comfort Full-length React midsole offers lightweight, durable foam that delivers a smooth, responsive ride.

If you looking for a basketball shoe for your kids this stylish looking basketball sneaker can be the best gift for them. It can be used for multiple purposes, you can wear them as a casual shoe or for other team sports like volleyball.

Are High Top Sneaker Better For Ankle Support?

The one highly important feature of high style is that it provides extra support to your ankle bone with its extended ankle collar that provides proper protection to your ankle joint area.

Moreover, high top shoes offer greater protection and stability, catering more towards taller and more powerful players. It all depends on the individual player’s strengths and weaknesses, no style of shoe is inherently superior than the other.

Most of the heavy and big player’s of the game, like to wear high top shoes, because they need a bouncy cushioning, a durable plus breathable and flexible upper material that can survive the heavy load and protect their ankle joint from ankle sprain.

High Top vs Low Top Basketball Shoes

Final Thought

These low top style basketball shoes are some of the best options you can consider when shopping for low top basketball shoes in 2023. You can also look at other factors such as your foot shape, your playing style, and your personal preference.


Ultimately, both low top and high top basketball shoes offer pros and cons for players. Low top shoes excel in providing breathability and lightness, allowing for more agile and fast paced singles.

low top shoes are lightweight shoes that are designed to provide a maximum range of motion for the wearer. Their design is intended to make movement more agile, with little to no restriction on movement.

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