Unleash Your Speed and Agility: Top Motion Control Basketball Shoes for Running

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Training Vs Running Shoes

The best basketball shoes for running are the ones that provide comfort, support, cushioning, and durability. Running is a common activity in basketball, as players need to move quickly and frequently on the court.

However, running with basketball shoes is quit different from running in regular running shoes, as basketball shoes are designed for forward movement, while running shoes are designed for multi-directional movement.

Basketball shoes also have thicker and more cushioned soles, while running shoes have thinner and more flexible soles. Therefore, you need to choose basketball shoes that can handle both types of movement and reduce the impact of the hard surface.

Can Basketball Shoes Be Used For Running?

Let me explain: A basketball shoe is meant to support side to side motion, jumping, and forward running. The running shoes are only support your forward running movement. So, “Yes” basketball shoe can be used for running, but only short distance running not for hard long distance running.

However, not every basketball shoe would be good enough for running but a few lightweight shoes with comfortable midsole and perfect fit lockdown can do the job.

Difference Between Basketball Shoes And Running Shoes

Difference Between Basketball Shoes And Running Shoes

Nike Pegasus 39
Running Shoe
Nike Basketball Shoes
Basketball Shoe

The basketball shoes have a shock absorbing thick rubber outsole just like some good quality running shoe has. In basketball, the quick lateral moves can increased the risk of rolling your ankles. That’s why every regular NBA shoe is meant to protect your ankle area while making quick lateral moves.

On the other hand, a running shoe is meant to support forward running move. They are meant for long distance running, and you cannot wear them for basketball. They are not suitable for fast lateral motion like court shoes.

Generally, a B-ball shoe is a bit heavier than running shoe, even a Lightweight B-ball shoe is heavier than a regular shoe for running. There are many differences between a running shoe and a court shoe. If you want dive deep in, then click here Running vs Court Shoes For more Details.

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Who Can Wear Basketball Shoes For Running?

The Basketball shoes are not suitable for long-distance running. They’re not made for that extreme running. They are more heavy and surely fall apart if you’re start wearing them as daily running shoe.

But if you’re suffering ankle pain, bad knee, or any foot problem, Like (Plantar fasciitis) and need a comfortable shoe to recover quickly. You can wear a lightweight basketball shoe for for the job, but only for short distance running.

running shoes

But if basketball shoes fail to relieve the pain, you should buy the podiatrist recommended basketball shoe. They are extremely comfortable and highly endorse pain relief.

Our team members have worn these lightweight shoes for basketball and oftentimes for running. You can wear them for short distance running but not as regular running shoes.

NOTE: How to Clean Basketball ShoesComplete Guide

Types Of Running Shoes – What To Wear And When?

Types Of Running Shoes

When it comes to buying a pair of running shoes, it can sometimes seem as tricky as buying something bigger like a bike, for instance. I don’t blame you. You’re going to be spending a lot of money and time on these. So, it’s important that they’re right for you. 

Here I’ve run through a few tips on how to select the running shoe, what type you should wear, and when? Furthermore, measure your shoe size at home.

Firstly, what works for one runner may not necessarily work for another. So, don’t aimlessly head out and buy a pair of dedicated running shoe just because you like the look of that shoe or your friend has recommended it to you.

Neutral Running Shoes

A neutral running shoe, which is obviously designed for neutral runners, but also for subordinating runners. It provides a bit of shock absorption and a little medical support.

So, they’re essentially designed to roll through in a nice, neutral motion and if you do supinate, these won’t add any more unnecessary control or stability.

Neutral Running Shoes outsole

Supination Running Shoes

If you find you have slightly more wear down the outer edge of the shoe it’s likely that you supinate. Now, this isn’t quite so common, but it’s generally caused by having a high arch.

Which means you have a particularly defined and rigid arch, which causes you to roll through and off on the outer edge of your running shoe.

Supination Running Shoes outsole

Overpronation Running Shoes

For a stability shoe that’s for someone that overpronates. Now, these normally include a  firm area around the arch side for support and to provide higher stability to control the motion of the foot as it rolls through. 

Now, if you have quite a severe overpronation or flat feet, you want something with slightly greater control to stop the arch from collapsing so much, such as a motion control running shoe.

That is essentially a beefed-up version of our stability shoe and it just simply provides a little bit more support around the arch area.

Overpronation Running Shoes outsole

8 Best Basketball Running Shoes For Overpronation

We already reviewed these shoes in our previous basketball shoe articles. These basketball running shoes have premium quality material, shock-absorbing boosted midsole, and a great traction outsole unit. 

Best Overall
Adidas Unisex-Adult D Rose 11
Adidas Unisex-Adult D Rose 11
  • 1: Fine Quality Textile Mesh Upper
  • 2: Derrick Rose Signature Series
  • 3: Ultralight Light strike Cushioning
  • 4: Best Traction Wide Fit Sneakers
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Expert’s Choice
Adidas Men's Tmac Millennium
Adidas Men’s Tmac Millennium
  • 1: Premium Quality Material
  • 2: Lightweight Sneakers For Outdoor
  • 3: Wide Fit Sneaker For Overpronation
  • 4: Soft Cushioning In Midsole
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Best Budget
Under Armour Unisex-Adult HOVR Havoc 3
Under Armour HOVR Havoc 3
  • 1: Havoc 3 Cushioning Setup
  • 2: Beautiful Athletic Design
  • 3: Best Budget Basketball Shoes
  • 4: Impact Protection
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Stylish BB Sneakers
Nike Men’s Lebron Witness IV
Nike Men’s Lebron Witness IV
  • 1: Cool Basketball Sneakers
  • 2: Comfortable Shoes For Bad Ankles
  • 3: Breathable & Durable Material
  • 4: Fit Reinforced Toe
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Outdoor G.O.A.T
PUMA Men's Rebound Future Evo
PUMA Men’s Rebound Future Evo
  • 1: Non-marking rubber outsole
  • 2: Lightweight and comfortable feel
  • 3: Rip-stop textile at quarters with suede heel counter
  • 4: Ankle And Achilles Protection
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Most Stable
Adidas Dame 7 Ext Ply Basketball Shoe
Adidas Dame 7 Ext Ply Basketball Shoe
  • 1: Lightweight And Breathable Textile Upper
  • 2: Wavy Traction Pattern
  • 3: Super Lightweight Midsole
  • 4: Excellent Ground Support
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Premium Running Shoe
PUMA Mens Uproar Spectra Basketball Court Sneakers
PUMA Mens Uproar Spectra Basketball Sneakers
  • 1: 100% Synthetic Upper
  • 2: Uproar Hybrid Court Shoes
  • 3: Puma Side Foamstrip Styling
  • 4: Hybrid Foam Midsole
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Best Multi Purpose Shoe
Adidas Men's Marquee Boost
Adidas Men’s Marquee Boost
  • 1: Textile and Synthetic
  • 2: Multi-Directional Traction Pattern
  • 3: Low Top Design
  • 4: Best Basketball Shoes For Guards
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If you’re somebody who suffers from foot pain or back pain, You should give a chance to one of these best shock absorbing basketball shoes for running.

Durable Their basketball shoe

A Tip From Experts

Whilst they can sometimes seem like a big investment, don’t make the mistake of trying to get your money’s worth to the point that your toes are poking out of the end. If you’re running them beyond their life expectancy, you could be limiting your performance or even risking injury. Over time, they begin to lose their cushioning, meaning you begin to absorb the impact more.

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