Best Court Shoes For Multiple Sports Basketball, Tennis, Pickleball

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Here’s my list of top-quality sports shoes for multiple sports and court surfaces. I’ve multiple shoes on the list in no organized pattern because each one of these shoes brings something different to the hardwood rubberized courts and outdoor hard courts. So, once you go through all these best shoes, you’ll probably find a few of them that you would want for your specific needs.

Best Multiple Sports Court Shoes In One Look

Best Court Shoes For Multiple Sports
K-Swiss Men’s Ultrashot 3 Court Shoe
K-Swiss Men’s Ultrashot 3 Court Shoe
  • 1: Energy Return Cushioning
  • 2: Best Shoes For Jumping In Basketball
  • 3: Full-Length Traction Unit
  • 4: Maximum Stability For Quick Moves
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Best Overall
Adidas Unisex-Adult Uber sonic 3
Adidas Unisex-Adult Uber sonic 3
  • 1: Stretch Mesh Upper
  • 2: Best Traction For Maximum Stability
  • 3: Well Cushioned Court Sneakers
  • 4: Best Court Shoes For Ankle Support
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Expert’s Choice
PUMA Fusion Nitro Best Court Shoe
PUMA Fusion Nitro Best Court Shoe
  • 1: Great Stability For Lateral Motion
  • 2: Best Budget Basketball Shoe For Multiple Sports
  • 3: Fashionable Design
  • 4: Fine Quality Material
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Best Budget
New Balance Men’s Hard Court
New Balance Men’s Hard Court
  • 1: Amazing Lateral Support
  • 2: Lightweight & Breathable Material
  • 3: Cheap All-Court Shoe
  • 4: Stable Tennis Basketball Shoes
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Best Substitutes For Tennis
Under Armour Men’s Curry 5
Under Armour Men’s Curry 5
  • 1: Textile And Synthetic Material
  • 2: All Court Grip System
  • 3: Ankle Supportive Basketball Shoes
  • 4: Best Substitutes To Play Tennis
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All-Court G.O.A.T
Skechers Women’s Viper Court Shoe
Skechers Women’s Viper Court Shoes
  • 1: Skechers Pickleball Shoes
  • 2: Enhanced Traction For Indoor And Outdoor Court
  • 3: Podiatrist-Certified Arch Support Insoles
  • 4: Multi-Purpose Court Shoes
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Best Indoor Court Shoes
Fashion Indoor Court Shoes
Fashion Indoor Court Shoes
  • 1: Super soft microfiber upper
  • 2: honeycomb + Ortholite insole
  • 3: Most Comfortable Shoes
  • 4: Dual density EVA material
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Best Suggestion
WILSON Rush Pro Ace
WILSON Rush Pro Ace
  • 1: 4D Support Chassis Technology
  • 2: Sensifeel Minimally layered upper
  • 3: Medial Rubber Drag Pad Rubber overlay
  • 4: EVA Molded High-density Ortholite Foam
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How To Find Your Real Shoe Size For Tennis, Basketball, And Other Court Shoes

A most asked question, What size shoes should I buy? Of course, I can’t reach through the camera and physically examine your foot to tell you a hundred percent what size shoe you should wear but I can teach you how to more reproducibly and accurately measure your foot size.

More importantly, measure your foot shape because no matter if you’re playing basketball, tennis, pickleball, Golf, volleyball whatever kind of sport you’re searching for a shoe. There is a way to find nearly your exact size and shape of shoe no matter what brand or model of shoe you’re buying.

Foot Measuring Device – The Brannock Device

The first step is finding a product called The Brannock Device. This will accurately measure your foot size. You can order these online; they’re pretty cheap or you can just go to any shoe store. It doesn’t have to be an athletic shoe store, it doesn’t have to sell basketball, tennis, or any kind of court shoe as long as there’s a measuring device like Brannock. 

The first thing you want to do with the Brannock device measures your right and left foot because most people’s feet are different sizes. There are actually very few people out there with identical right and left feet. The nice thing about the Brannock device is you can measure the length as well as the width of your feet.

If you’re gonna play in a court shoe that’s basketball, tennis, pickleball, volleyball, or anything on the court, you probably should be adding at least a half size to that. Because the Brannock device was invented at a time when shoes were made to be much more form-fitting, much tighter on the person’s foot, and they were more designed for leather shoe kind of the dressier or work shoes. They weren’t designed for court shoes that needed more expansion when you’re sweating and when you’re pounding on them.

Draw Foot Shape On Cardboard

To find out your foot shape and for that, you’re going to need cardboard. For this step make sure you have a sock on. It just makes it a lot easier to get a marker and just trace the shape of your foot. If your right and left foot are pretty similar in shape you can just use one cardboard and flip it for the left versus right.

cardboard by

However, if one is much wider and much more turned in or turned out than the other, just do a different tracing for each side. Find out the overall shape of your feet. The next thing you want to do is just cut out the marked part. 

foot shape

For Online Shopping

If you’re buying shoes online from any brand or website, like most people. What you want to do is just to take a picture of the tracing with your phone and then put a paper over top of it. Just got to make sure the image stays on There and then just trace it out. That way you should have a cell phone-sized image of your foot that you can literally just put up against the shoe on your phone or on your computer screen for ease of use.

Nike Men’s Outdoor Court Shoe

The Nike Men’s Basketball Shoe is one of the best outdoor shoes because they have great lateral control and stability. Which is a real asset on a basketball, pickleball, or tennis court. but I think even more important than control and stability, they perform consistently on just about every surface. So, you can really expect a similar performance no matter what’s under your foot. 

Nike basketball shoes
  • Classic Design
  • Regular Fit
  • Extremely Comfortable 
  • Best Budget Shoe
  • Weight: 4 Pounds
  • Breathable And Durable Material
  • Superior Stability On Court Surface

The one bad part about this best traction basketball shoe is the durability of it’s upper material. The outsole is softer and has a nub traction pattern that can even be used as a summer golf shoe if there’s no other option. And that bushland foam will bottom out a little bit faster than some others but if you’re more of an indoor player and wear orthotics. These really won’t be that big of an issue.

Adidas Unisex-Adult Uber sonic 3

The Adidas uber sonic 3 is an all-court shoe. But sonic 3 is not my favorite as a tennis-specific shoe but for pickleball, these are an absolute beast. When it comes to performance and for multiple surfaces, the treads grip really well. The making for a light and nimble hoop shoe with comparable stability to much bulkier basketball shoe models. If you slide a lot and light trek foam will collapse a little faster than something with more of a dense foam structure. 

Adidas Unisex-Adult Uber sonic 3
  • Stretch Mesh Upper 
  • Lightweight And Breathable
  • Perfect Fit Lockdown
  • All-Court Outsole
  • Best Traction Pattern For Maximum Stability
  • Best Court Shoes For Ankle Support
  • Extremely Comfortable Shoes
  • Well Cushioned Court Sneakers

Under Armour Men’s Curry 5

The Under Armour curry 5 is more of an indoor multi-use shoe but if you play tennis or pickleball on rubberized courts, the curry 5 is the perfect shoe for that court. The outsole has an all-court grip system for instant stops & quick cuts on any surface. It will surely work on an outdoor hard court but it is not as good on grassy courts. This is more comfortable than some of the specific court shoes that we’ve tested before.

Under Armour Men's Curry 5
  • Textile And Synthetic Material
  • Lightweight For Optimum Speed & Agility
  • Full Knit Construction & Lockdown Lacing
  • Antifoam Containment Zones In The Forefoot Lateral Wall 
  • EVA Cushioning Midsole
  • All Court Grip System For Instant Stops & Quick Cuts
  • Best For All-Court Activities

New Balance Men’s Hard Court

The New Balance Men’s 696 V4 Court Shoe is for everything indoor hardwood court as well as outdoor courts. These are at least, in my opinion, the perfect multi-sport court shoe. The outsole has a full-length Ndurance that provides superior traction and durability to help get more wear out of the shoe, These wide fit court shoes from New Balance help keep you prepared for any game on a hard court surface. They’re explosive and stable enough for tennis, they’re quick enough for pickleball and just rugged and bouncy enough for basketball. The uppers are pretty bulky. So, they aren’t the lightest court shoes but that’s my only real complaint about them just in the context of multiple sports.

New Balance Men's Hard Court
  • Amazing Lateral Support 
  • Revlite Midsole
  • Lightweight & Breathable Material
  • Herringbone Traction Pattern
  • Stable Tennis Basketball Shoes
  • Best Budget Court Shoes
  • Beautiful Athletic Design
  • Available In Multiple Different Color Styles
  • Best Court Shoe For Achilles Support

K-Swiss Men’s Ultrashot 3 Court Shoe

The K-Swiss Ultra shot 3 are the most comfortable court shoes. These are the true multiple sports shoes. They’re going to play exceptionally well on an indoor hardwood court. As well as on rubberized or outdoor hardcourts and these shoes are going to be phenomenal. 

It has a 360-degree thermal plastic Plantar fasciitis Support that enhances midfoot and heel stability. 

They’re also one of the best maximalist court shoes because they are so comfortable but in a bulky package. They’re still pretty nimble and these shoes are going to have your arch feeling pretty good no matter how long you’re playing on the court or what sport you’re playing. 

K-Swiss Men's Ultrashot 3 Court Shoe
  • Pro Tennis Shoes
  • Energy Return Cushioning 
  • Maximalist Shoe Design
  • Best Shoes For Jumping In Basketball
  • Ultra Comfy Feel
  • Highly Recommended Shoes Who Have Foot Pain Or Bad Knees
  • Full-Length Traction Unit
  • Maximum Stability For Quick Moves

A breathable mesh with inserted TPU yarn is durable and reinforced in the midfoot area for added support. The lightweight midsole with an energy return system will protect while jumping. So, jumping higher is a basic skill that you need in basketball and this bouncy midsole will help you in basketball, and rope jumping exercise for sure.

PUMA Fusion Nitro Best Court Shoe

This is a phenomenal playing shoe for just about any sport and that is the Puma Fusion Nitro basketball hard court shoe. The fusion nitro has terrific lateral stability, a resilient durable midsole, and access to just super nimble footwork. The treads grip everything but do best on hardwood or more rubberized surfaces. I do like how they play on outdoor courts but durability is a little bit of concern with that low tread depth. 

PUMA Fusion Nitro Best Court Shoe
  • Fashionable Design
  • Wavy Traction Pattern
  • Thick Rubber Outsole
  • Fine Quality Material
  • Best Budget Basketball Shoe For Multiple Sports
  • Lightweight Sneakers For Tennis & Pickleball
  • Great Stability For Lateral Motion

Especially for tennis but pickleball and basketball though I’d be confident buying these low top shoes for outdoor use. Just more of the sliding of tennis might burn through that low tread depth more than some other multiple sports shoes on this list. The price is very affordable and these stylish sneakers can be used as casual footwear or as long distance walking shoes.

Skechers Women’s Viper Court Shoe

This is a shoe that has gotten overlooked by me till now but not anymore. That is the Skechers Women’s Viper Court-Athletic Indoor Outdoor Pickleball court Shoes For Women. These are probably the fastest shoes on this list and these court shoes feature a relaxed fit with an adjustable lace-up front (top of shoe) for a comfortable workout. I just loved playing pickleball, tennis, cross-training, badminton, volleyball, walking, running, treadmill, workouts, training, gym, lifting, and multi-sport exercise.

Skechers Women's Viper Court Shoe
  • Skechers Pickleball Shoes
  • Breathable Athletic Mesh Upper
  • Goodyear Rubber Outsoles
  • Enhanced Traction For Indoor And Outdoor Court
  • Relaxed Fit Adjustable Lace-Up Front
  • Podiatrist-Certified Arch Support Insoles 
  • Multi-Purpose Shoes

These podiatrist recommended arch support insoles offer a podiatrist-designed shape developed with 20 years of data and 120,000 unweighted foot scans. These are my absolute favorite on this list just because it’s rubber outsoles that deliver enhanced traction for indoor and outdoor court play.