9 Best Basketball Shoes For Flat Feet & Arch Support

The best basketball shoes for flat feet and arch support are shoes that have features such as cushioning, stability, fit, and traction that can accommodate the lack of natural arch in the foot and prevent pain and injury.

Flat feet can cause overpronation, which is when the foot rolls inward excessively during movement, leading to stress and inflammation on the tendons, ligaments, and muscles of the foot, ankle, and lower leg.

Therefore, basketball shoes for flat feet should provide adequate support and alignment for the foot and ankle, as well as shock absorption and responsiveness for the high-impact nature of the sport.

9 Best Basketball Shoes For Wide Flat Feet 2023

Overall Best
Nike Jordan Men's Zion 1
Nike Jordan Men’s Zion 1
  • 1: Comfortable Wide Fit
  • 2: Latest Fashionable Design
  • 3: Great Lateral Support
  • 4: Thick Rubber Outsole
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Pro Choice
Adidas Dame 7 Ext Ply
Dame 7 Ext Ply
  • 1: Fashionable Style Look
  • 2: Lightstrike Midsole Cushioning
  • 3: Hard Rubber Outsole
  • 4: Best Sneakers For Flat Feet
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Best For Flat Feet
Adidas Own The Game 2.0
Adidas Own The Game 2.0
  • 1: Most Comfortable For Flat Feet
  • 2: Superior Cloud foam cushioning
  • 3: Excellent Ankle and Arch Support
  • 4: Best Budget Sneakers For Basketball
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Best Budget Shoes
PUMA Men's Triple Basketball Shoe
PUMA Men’s Triple Basketball Shoes
  • 1: Best Shoes For Outdoor court
  • 2: Full coverage rubber outsole
  • 3: wide fit basketball shoes
  • 4: Ankle and foot protection
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Best NBA Sneakers 2023
Nike Men's PG 5
Nike Men’s PG 5
  • 1: Durable Synthetic Mesh Upper
  • 2: Amazing Support For Flat Feet
  • 3: Select Half a Size Up For Wide Foot
  • 4: Beautiful Sleek design
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Latest Eddition
Nike Zoom Freak 3
Nike Zoom Freak 3
  • 1: Lightweight Soft Cushioning
  • 2: Great Lateral Stability
  • 3: Computer Generated Traction Pattern
  • 4: Best Basketball Shoes For Guards
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My Recommendation
Adidas Unisex-Adult D Rose 11
Adidas Unisex-Adult D Rose 11
  • 1: Lightweight And Breathable Textile Upper
  • 2: Reinforced lateral support
  • 3: Best Budget NBA Sneakers
  • 4: Extended heel counter for grip and stability
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Premium Design
Nike Men's Giannis Immortality
Nike Men’s Giannis Immortality
  • 1: Textile Mesh Upper
  • 2: Lightweight & breathable
  • 3: Excellent Arch Support
  • 4: Best Flat Feet Shoes For Outdoor
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Best Suggestion
Adidas Unisex-Adult D Rose Son of Chi
Adidas Unisex-Adult D Rose Son of Chi
  • 1: Textile upper with supportive overlays
  • 2: Excellent Court Stability
  • 3: Well Cushion Basketball Shoes For Overpronation
  • 4: Can be Used For Multiple Sports
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Flat Feet and Its Causes

Nowadays, flat feet are the most common foot problem worldwide. It has been found to be 7% more than high arches. Having flat feet can cause serious foot injuries and deeply affects athletic activities.

wide feet

Let me explain in practical terms, a normal foot and foot arch is able to adjust for different surfaces. Act as a shock absorber and stiffen up to move the body forward during the push-up stage of every step.

back side of feet

But if the arch is weak and unable to stiffen correctly under the pressure of body weight during movement it will collapse under that pressure and make the whole system less efficient and painful.

front side of feet

Causes of Flat Feet

A strong and normal arch is essential for anyone to perform athletic activities. But alarmingly, flat feet are the most prevalent foot problem these days. There are 4 common causes of flat feet,

  • Wearing Wrong Shoes
  • Naturally, Weak Foot Muscles
  • Tight Calves & Unusual Ankles
  • Weak Glutes

What is High Arches

High arches, also known as cavus foot, are a condition where the arch of the foot is unusually raised, leaving a large gap between the floor and the foot. The high arches can cause various problems, such as pain, difficulty finding shoes that fit, and increased risk of injuries.

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What To Look For When Buying Basketball Shoes For Flat Feet?

If you have flat feet problem and need a comfortable basketball shoe that is good for flat feet, you must pay attention to these 4 critical points.

  • Arch Support
  • Well cushioned Midsole
  • Shock Absorbing Sole
  • Perfect Fit 
  • Good Traction Outsole  

These features are a must to prevent injuries and lessen the pain. Take this problem seriously and wear the right pair of basketball shoes or use shoe insoles. Because feet are the only contact we have with the ground in the majority of athletic activities.

Note: How to Clean Basketball Shoes – Read More

Top 9 Basketball Shoes Best For Wide Flat Feet

Detailed Reviews

Nike Men’s PG 5 Stylish NBA Sneakers

Nike Men's PG 5 Stylish NBA Sneakers


  • Synthetic Mesh Upper & Leather Overlays
  • Full-Length Phylon Midsole
  • Amazing Support For Flat Feet
  • Best Traction B-Ball Shoe For Indoor Courts
  • Durable And Lightweight Material
  • Select Half A Size Up For Wide Foot
  • Best Basketball Shoes For Flat Feet And Overpronation

The Nike PG 5 is Paul George’s signature series shoe. It’s a lightweight basketball shoe for wide flat feet made with a durable and breathable upper. In the midsole, a full-length phylon cushioning that is a little bit firm which helps flat feet and supports plantar fasciitis

The outsole has an amazing traction pattern that is suitable for clean courts and provides great support to your lateral motion. A lace-up closure system provides perfect lockdown to your feet and it’s a narrow shoe, if you’re a wide footer go with half a size up.

Dame 7 Ext Ply Best Basketball Shoe For Flat Feet

Dame 7 Ext Ply Best Basketball Shoe For Flat Feet


  • 100% Textile Synthetics
  • Ankle And Achilles Support
  • Light-strike Midsole Cushioning
  • Best Indoor Court Shoes For Flat Feet
  • Ultra Comfy B-Ball Shoes For Volleyball

This great basketball shoe from Adidas is designed and tested by professional basketball player Damian Lillard. It combines his passion for music and basketball into one very unique look so whether it’s dame time on the court or game doll in the booth this shoe features it all.

This is the most comfortable basketball shoe for flat feet that made with a breathable textile upper and the fabrics used are made with an environmentally friendly design. You’ve also got a unique lace-up design that provides a secure fit around the foot.

It has a unique design on the tongue for added breathability, padding on the tongue and collar with a pull tab located at the heel.

A cushioned footbed to help absorb shock and keep you comfortable and works well with the thick lightweight shock absorbing light strike foam on the midsole. That ultra comfy midsole provides maximum support to the flat feet and heel pain.

The outsole is made with a textured rubber to keep you stable while you play and rubber extends on the outside and inside of the shoe for additional support.

Adidas OwnTheGame 2.0 Best Shoes For Flat Feet

Adidas own the game 2.0


  • Most Comfortable For Flat Feet
  • Synthetic Leather And Mesh Upper
  • Best Budget Basketball Sneakers
  • Shaft Measures Approximately Mid-Top From Arch
  • Excellent Ankle And Arch Support 
  • Superior Cloud foam Cushioning
  • Recommended For Plantar Fasciitis & Flat Feet

This is Own The Game from Adidas. This great bouncy basketball shoe from Adidas features a mid top design It can protect your feet. We’ve got a great blend of synthetic uppers It’s gonna be long lasting, it’s easy to clean and maintain and also protect your feet as well.

A traditional lace of design goes all the way up for secure fit around the foot, Padding on the tongue and collar for additional comfort.

A pull tab at the heel help for an easy on and off and you’ve got a well cushioned cloud foam footbed that’s gonna help absorb shock and It’s got ortholite properties so it’s gonna keep your feet fresh.

You’ve even got cloud foam on the midsole that has a lightweight design that helps absorb shock out on the court.

Also you’ll love the extended rubber and key areas for quick movements and of course a durable Adiwear rubber outsole. Lastly, its got a slight bit of flex that is loved by youth and kids for their footwear.

Adidas Men’s Harden 3 Best For Heel Pain

Adidas Men's Harden 3 Best For Heel Pain


  • Shaft Measures Approximately Mid-Top From Arch
  • Platform Measures Approximately 1.25 Inches
  • Adjustable Strap For Stability And Fit
  • High Top Basketball Shoes For Flat Feet
  • Comfortable While Jumping
  • Top basketball Sneaker for flat feet
  • Best Basketball Shoes For Heel Pain

The Adidas Harden B/E 3 men’s basketball shoe is from James Harden’s signature series. It has a lightweight synthetic mesh upper which is very durable and has good breathability.

The full-length cushioning setup for maximum comfort and stability. It is very responsive cushioning that provides good bounce for jumping and excellent support for flat feet. 

A soft padded collar that provides good support to your ankles and extra stability for lateral movements. The solid rubber outsole has a herringbone traction pattern that is great for both indoor and outdoor courts.

These men’s wide fit basketball shoes are the most comfortable option for heel pain and they’re available at an affordable price with these premium features.

The Nike Zoom Freak 3 is Giannis Signature series shoe. It has a lightweight textile upper that is very durable and also breathable to keep your feet dry and fresh.

The midsole of the shoe has soft phylon cushioning that is very responsive while playing with them. It supports your jumping and protects your feet during hard landings. If you’re a flat footer, it would be the best choice for you.

The thick rubber outsole with herringbone traction pattern provides maximum ground grip on outdoor as well as indoor hardwood courts. It provides great lateral motion support on every surface.   

Adidas Unisex-Adult D Rose 11

Adidas D Rose 11 basketball shoes


  • Ultralight Lights trike cushioning
  • Excellent Court Stability  
  • Durable High-Top Shoe Design
  • External TPU Heel Counter
  • Can be Used For Multiple Sports 
  • Best outdoor basketball shoes for flat feet

These men’s D-Rose shoes from Adidas Basketball have ultralight Light strike cushioning in the midsole for outstanding comfort. The upper graphics are highlight a classic Rose look.

This Adidas high tops Offering full ankle support, with an EVA sock liner and breathable mesh collar, it offers the stability you need to get up to speed.

Inside, there is a textile lining with a cushioned collar that locks your feet into place giving you extra support and a cushioned footbed to keep you comfortable all day.

The light strike midsole has additional cushioning with a sturdy and durable build that’s made to last. That’s all sits on top of a durable rubber grippy outsole for every surface to keep you stable and confident.

This is the New Balance Kawhi basketball shoes. It’s like a shoe that’s more versatile and it’s an all-around basketball shoe for basically everyone.

We’ve seen Kawhi Leonard wearing these stylish sneakers and just on another side note, Jamal Murray has signed a multi-year deal with New Balance previously he was with Adidas.

Moreover, Zach LaVine, Jaylen Brown also signs with New Balance. But for this championship season we might be seen only Kawhi Leonard wearing signature shoes for New Balance.

These are the best basketball shoes for high arches and specially designed for wide flat feet.

  • Ethylene Vinyl Acetate sole
  • Soft, Breathable, and Flexible Material
  • Ideal for gym, running, casual walks, exercises, travel and more!
  • Cheap wide fit Basketball Sneakers For Men
  • Best basketball Sneakers For Wide Feet, Heel Pain, and for weak Ankles
  • Multi-sports shoe, Basketball, Tennis, Volleyball, And Handball
  • Durable Thick Rubber Outsole
  • STA anti-rollover module on the forefoot
  • Louis Williams Signature Series
  • Best Basketball Sneakers For Guards 

  • Multi-material composite upper 
  • Rubber outsole with block anti-skid design
  • Energy Return Midsole
  • Suitable For Multiple Athletic Activities
  • Best Sneakers For Flat Feet and Overpronation
  • Well Cushioned Basketball Shoes Jumping
  • Best Budget Sneakers For Men 2023
  • Superior Comfort and Stable Fit
  • Lightweight and Breathable Material
  • Excellent Fit To Size


Expert recommend flat feet person to wear wide fit shoe for comfort. A well cushioned wide flat feet basketball shoe can be a best choice for flat footed person.

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