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When looking for the best shoe to wear for relief of back pain, maximum comfort and support should be of utmost priority. The type of shoe should depend on the type of back pain that an individual is experiencing.

best shoes for back pain

A person suffering from lower back pain, for instance, will benefit from a orthopedic shoe that offers additional support for the arch of the foot. Whereas a person with upper back pain will benefit from a shoe with a heel counter that prevents the foot from slipping out of the shoe.

For those with lower back pain, a shoe that offers arch support, shock absorption, a cushioned heel, and a firm sole, are key components. Moreover, motion control shoes are a good option as they provide adequate support and stability. 

Here is our collection of the best orthopedic shoes recommended by professionals. They’re best for orthotic purposes and suitable for foot problems such as plantar fasciitis plus back pain and weak ankles.

Running Shoes For Back Pain

Running shoes or sneakers can also be a good choice. Particularly those with foam midsole and larger cushioning. It is important to prioritize comfort over aesthetics and choose a shoe that is lightweight as heavy shoes can put additional strain on the back.

Heel Counter

For those with upper back pain, it is beneficial to invest in a shoe that has a heel counter. A heel counter is designed to keep the shoe in place around the foot. This prevents any inward slippage of the foot when walking long distance

In other words, heel counters hold the foot in the shoe. Effectively limiting any excessive motion that could have been caused by the foot sliding out of the shoe. Thus offering more stability and reducing upper back pain.

Cross Trainer For Back Pain

Cross-trainers and sport sandals are good choices for shoes with heel counters. Also, a shoe’s midsole should be firm rather than too soft. Some shoes are designed with a layer of gel around the midsole and cushioning can make feet ‘sink into’ a shoe. 

A supportive midsole is an important feature of a shoe to look out for when dealing with upper back pain.

In general, wearing the right shoes can be one of the solutions to back pain. It is important to try various models and styles to find the right pair. Always choose shoes with appropriate arch support and protection

Orthotic Insoles

Orthotic grade support braces or shoe inserts are also available and help provide added cushioning to alleviate any excessive tension experienced in the back. 

The right fit of the shoe should be snug but not too tight and it is important to replace shoes once they show signs of wear and tear.


Overall, finding the best shoe to wear for back pain depends on an individual’s needs and lifestyle. There is no one-size-fits-all remedy for back pain, but the right kind of shoes can definitely help to reduce pain. 

With the multitude of shoe styles and models available in the market. It is beneficial for everyone to take some time to select the best shoes that offer the most comfort and provide adequate arch plus heel support and cushioning.

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