8 Best Golf Shoes For Women Reviews & Complete Buying Guide

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Best golf shoes for women

If you’re looking for the best golf shoes for women, that give the most extreme solace to your every swing while strolling on lopsided surfaces, this list you must see.

We made this list on our personal preference. And select these women’s golf shoes on the basis of their comfy features, material quality, budget friendly price, and customer feedback.

Assuming you like to play just in cool weather and don’t have any desire to spend additional money on new shoes then you should take a look at our list and you won’t be disappointed because they surely have every key element that you’ll require while playing.

Top 8 Best Golf Shoes For Women In 2023

High Performer
Adidas W Tech Lightweight Golf Shoes For Women
Adidas W Tech Lightweight Golf Shoes For Women
  • 1: Lightweight Ladies Golf Shoes
  • 2: Best Choice For Wide Feet
  • 3: Perfect Lockdown Fit
  • 4: Great Traction Grip
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Best Overall
Skechers W Max Waterproof Golf Shoes For Ladies
Skechers W Max Waterproof Golf Shoes For Ladies
  • 1: Extremely Comfortable
  • 2: Best Women’s Golf Shoes For Walking
  • 3: Excellent Traction Unit
  • 4: Women’s Cheapest Golf Shoes
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Expert’s Choice
FootJoy Traditions Waterproof Women’s Golf Shoes
FootJoy Traditions Waterproof Women’s Golf Shoes
  • 1: Professional’s Choice
  • 2: Comfortable Turf Grip For Walking
  • 3: Soft Spike Golf Shoes For Women
  • 4: 100% Waterproof Upper
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Amazon’s Choice
ECCO Biom Hybrid Waterproof Golf Shoe For Women
ECCO Biom Hybrid Waterproof Golf Shoe For Women
  • 1: Leather And Textile Mesh Upper
  • 2: Hydromax Water Resistant
  • 3: Biom Natural Motion
  • 4: Best Women’s Golf Shoes For Narrow Feet
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Stylish Golf Sneakers
Laguna Fusion Best Golf Shoes For Women By Puma
Laguna Fusion Best Golf Shoes For Women By Puma
  • 1: 100% Synthetic Mesh Upper
  • 2: Fusion Foam Padded Insole
  • 3: Best Summer Golf Shoes For Ladies
  • 4: Ultra Comfort Midsole
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Women’s Summer Golf Shoes
FootJoy Flex Ladies Golf Shoes With Arch Support
FootJoy Flex Ladies Golf Shoes With Arch Support
  • 1: 100% Textile Upper
  • 2: New Athletic Shoe Style
  • 3: Ortholite Midsole For Extra Comfort
  • 4: Flexible and Supportive
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Most Comfortable Golf Shoes
Skechers Women's Spikeless Golf Shoes
Skechers Women’s Spikeless Golf Shoes
  • 1: Extra Comfortable
  • 2: Waterproof Rain Jacket Protection
  • 3: Perfect Fit Like A Glove
  • 4: Skechers Air-Cooled Memory Foam
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Premium Golf Shoes
FootJoy Women's Sport Retro-Previous Golf Shoes
FootJoy Women’s Sport Retro-Previous Golf Shoes
  • 1: Soft Diamond Stitch Uppers
  • 2: Well Cushioned Midsole
  • 3: Clean And Stylish Look
  • 4: Extremely Comfortable
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How to Choose The Best Women’s Golf Shoes For Yourself? – Buying Guide

In golf, men or women players need the same amount of stability and comfort to play the game. So, the golf shoes you’re going to wear, need to be as responsive and stable as a men’s golf shoes, to do the job.

There are multiple factors you should consider while buying a new golf shoe for yourself. You’ll find two types shoes on the market, spikeless and spiked golf shoes. Which is best for you? That can decide your playing course condition and your playing routine. We’ve described some main points that you should focus on before finalizing your shoes.


In golf, you need to walk or continue to stand all your game time more often than not. Comfortability is the primary element that you’ll require from your shoes. A comfortable shoe has a major effect on your general performance.

Playing Course Condition

The 2nd important point is the course conditions where you’re going to play. A wet or hilly surface required great traction grip for required stability. Most of the time, especially early in the morning, the course remains wet and in this condition.

You may slip if your shoe does not have proper ground traction.

A spiked shoe will be a better choice for these wet surfaces. But a spikeless golf shoe is also a better choice if the outsole unit has a great traction unit that can stick to the ground just like sharp cleats. 

You’ll find many spikeless shoes on the market that have the best traction grip to play on wet and hilly surfaces. And they’re more comfortable for walking and make your every swing more stable.


In women’s golf shoes you’ll track down numerous trendy and snazzy plans available on the market. They seem to be stylish trainers or running shoes that you can wear nonchalantly.

You’ll likewise find classic-style golf shoes that have a tasteful old look. Along these lines, it relies upon you what style you like for golf play wear.

We’ve mentioned some stylish designed disc golf shoes for ladies. Must check here..


Golf gear is more expensive than social athletic sportswear, like shoes. Assuming that you’re searching for the best golf shoes for yourself, this searching procedure requires extra time. So, you’ve to invest more energy instead of cash. 

Since there are numerous golf shoes for women available at low costs and they’re essentially as dependable as a costly model. Thus, you ought to finish your spending plan first. Precisely how much cash you can undoubtedly spend for your new golf shoe.


Stability is all you want while playing golf. With all your swings you want a steady body development for a superior shot. Your feet should stay stable, that only happens when your shoe holds them solidly and doesn’t neglect them or temperamental.

In this way, your selected shoes should have an extraordinary foothold grasp on all aspects of the course surface.

Fit Lockdown

The only and the most serious issue you might already face in online shopping is shoe size mistakes. Generally, it happens from the ladies’ perspectives. Thus, we attempted to make this mistake not occur with our clients and Amazon gives a regular shoe size chart for women. 

How To Measure Your Shoe Size At Home? Read More..

What’s more, for the relaxation of our customers, Amazon is now offering the “First try and then Pay” method. With this service, you can try your shoe first and make sure the size is perfectly fit, and then you pay for it. This service is only eligible for size checking.

Top 8 Golf Shoes For Women You Can Get In 2023

Complete Reviews

Adidas W Tech Lightweight W Golf Shoes

Adidas W Tech Lightweight Golf Shoes


  • Prime-knit Upper
  • Synthetic Sole
  • Six Cleats On Outsole
  • Comfortable Midsole
  • Best Women Shoes For Wide Feet

Adidas is a well-known sportswear brand and has already introduced top-level play wear in almost every sports category. This Adidas tech response is one of the best golf shoes for women ever. It has an prime knit upper that is durable and breathable to keep your feet clean and dry.

These are the lightest golf shoes having an ortholite midsole that provides ultra comfort and protection to your feet.

The outsole has 6 cleats for excellent traction grip on every kind of course condition. Even after the rain, you remain confident when you wear these spike shoes. It has a wide-toe box and a traditional lacing mechanism allows manual fit according to your foot size.

This is my recommendation for pro players as well as for beginners. In my opinion, these are the best in the market that have all the advanced features you need to play golf confidently.


  • Lightweight Wide Fit Shoes
  • Affordable Price
  • Suitable For Extreme Conditions


  • Some Users Faces Size Issues

Skechers W Max Women’s Golf Shoes

Skechers W Max Waterproof Golf Shoes


  • Soft Rubber Sole
  • Spikeless Outsole
  • Ultra-Lightweight Golf Shoes For Women
  • Goga Max Responsive Ultra Cushioning
  • Water-Resistant Material

These unique women’s golf shoes have a lightweight synthetic upper that is waterproof to keep your feet dry and clean. This upper material is very durable and also has a breathable feature, so your feet remain fresh.

The Skechers Goga Max midsole is extremely comfortable and feels like walking on the clouds. This waterproof shoe is the best option for those who have flat feet or bunions.

The spikeless outsole has an excellent traction grip on greens as well as on uneven surfaces. This outsole unit creates maximum stability and comfort while walking on the course.

You can wear these trainer style shoes anywhere you want, you can even drive very comfortably with them and you do not need to change your shoes every time.


  • Best Golf Shoes For Walking
  • Extremely Comfortable Ortholite Midsole
  • Best Budget Women’s Golf Shoes


  • Some Users Face Size Issue

FootJoy Traditions Women’s Golf Shoes

FootJoy Traditions Women’s Golf Shoes


  • Full Grain Leather Upper
  • Lightweight Molded Fit Bed Cushioning
  • Waterproof 1-Year Warranty
  • Regular Size Available For Both Narrow And Wide Feet
  • Pulsar Cleats On Outsole
  • Breathable And Durable Material

FootJoy is considered one of the best golf shoe manufacturers and has already launched some top-level golf shoe models. They’ve introduced many golf shoe series having traditional classic designs that are loved by fans and pro players. Nelly Korda is a professional golfer and wore these classy style shoes at the highest level.

This traditional women’s golf shoe has a full-grain waterproof upper that is durable and very easy to clean. The midsole has a molded footbed for ultra comfort while walking.

The outsole unit has pulsar cleats for better traction and maximum stability for every step. With this excellent outsole stability, you feel confident with your every swing.

This shoe is a bit expensive but the features you’ll get in return will make you feel satisfied with your investment. It has 6 different beautiful designs and available in every foot size.


  • Comfortable Turf Grip For Walking
  • Soft Spike Golf Shoes
  • Most Stable Golf Shoes For Ladies
  • 100% Waterproof Upper
  • Easy To Clean


  • A Bit Expensive
  • Only Meant For Golf

ECCO Biom Hydro-max Waterproof Golf Shoe

ECCO Biom Hydromax Waterproof Golf Shoe


  • Leather And Textile Mesh Upper
  • Hydro-max Water Resistant
  • Biom Natural Motion
  • 800 Traction Angels
  • Lightweight Ultra Comfort
  • Removable Fiber Insole

ECCO is a Danish fashion brand, known for the advanced technology in its products. This ECCO women’s golf shoe is a hybrid model having all the modified features that will help you while playing.

This spikeless shoe for women has a premium textile and leather upper that is very lightweight and durable. Also, it has a Hydro max water-resistant feature to keep your feet dry and clean. But some users stated that the waterproof ability of the shoe is not much reliable during rain but works well on wet surfaces.

A non spiked outsole with a soft rubber traction unit that works well on every tough and uneven surface and provides maximum stability to your footwork and you feel confident with your overall performance. 


  • Amazon’s Choice
  • ECCO Comfort
  • Waterproof Hybrid Material


  • Size Issues For Wide Feet
  • A Bit Expensive
  • Not For Rough Use

Laguna Fusion Sports Golf Shoes For Women

Laguna Fusion Sports Best Golf Shoes By Puma


  • 100% Synthetic Mesh Upper & Sole
  • Shaft Measures Approximately Low-Top From Arch
  • Fusion Foam Padded Insole
  • Grip Zone Traction
  • Lacing Closure System
  • Best Summer Golf Shoes For Ladies

This stylish women’s golf shoe features a mesh upper. it’s made of a soft breathable material that is going to keep you comfy on the course and that fusion foam midsole features a mixture of super-soft EVA and ultra-responsive rubber.

we’ve also got that removable soft foam insole that is going to give you a little bit of extra anatomical support and lots of underfoot cushioning.

That’s all sitting on top of the awesome grip fusion outsole that gives you superior traction on the golf course surface. So, you’ll be birding in style with these cool ladies’ shoes from PUMA Golf.


  • Women’s Cheap Golf Shoes
  • Best For High Arch, and Heel Pain
  • Rubber Lugs Traction Pattern


  • Durability Issues ( Not For Rough Use )
  • Not Easy Cleaning
  • Not For Wet And Muddy Surfaces

FootJoy Flex Ladies Shoes With Arch Support

FootJoy Flex Ladies Golf Shoes With Arch Support


  • 100% Textile Upper
  • Shaft Measures Approximately Mid-Top From Arch
  • Versatile Traction Grip
  • Soft EVA Midsole
  • Lightweight Performance Mesh
  • Solid Rubber Outsole

The FootJoy Flex is the best golf shoes for women and have a breathable mesh upper that keeps these shoes are lightweight and laces up the top, for giving you a secure fit. 

The inside has a padded tongue and collar and a removable footbed that gives you all the cushion you need. Underneath is a spikeless rubber outsole for the grip you need without scratching up any floors. This fashionable golf shoe has a reasonable price tag and is available in 4 different color schemes.

Hit your best game yet in these women’s best spikeless golf shoes.


  • Women’s Best Golf Shoes For Wide Feet
  • Ortholite Midsole For Extra Comfort
  • Best Shoes For Summer


  • Size Issues For Narrow Feet
  • Cleaning Issues

Skechers Women’s Sketch-air Spikeless Golf Shoes

Skechers Women's Skech-air Spikeless Golf Shoes


  • Synthetic Leather Upper
  • Skechers Air-Cooled Memory Foam
  • Sketch-Air Cushioning In The Heel
  • Breathable And Durable Material
  • Durable Rubber Traction Lugs
  • Relaxed Fit Design For Added Room In The Toe Box
  • Skechers Waterproof Rain Jacket Protection

This Women’s Sketch-air Relaxed Fit is the most comfortable golf shoe for plantar fasciitis. Podiatrist highly recommend them for those who have bad knees or any other foot problem.

That soft cushioned midsole will give you a small boost in height and they also come with a removable Relaxed Fit air-cooled memory foam footbed for ultra comfort.

There is a water-repellent durable leather synthetic upper with a traditional lace-up closure. All of that is on top of a spikeless outsole that offers great traction on the course and I think these stylish sneakers would look so great if paired with some gray shorts.


  • Best Budget Shoes For Foot Pain
  • Perfect Fit Like A Glove


  • Little Tight For The Wide Feet

FootJoy Comfortable Women’s Golf Shoes

FootJoy Comfortable And Durable Golf Shoes For Ladies


  • Synthetic Sole
  • Lightweight 3 Pounds
  • Soft Diamond Stitch Uppers
  • Well Cushioned Midsole
  • Enhanced Traction Unit
  • Clean And Stylish Look
  • Breathable & Durable Textile Material

This women’s FJ Retro golf shoe has a soft textile stitch upper for comfort and flexibility. These women’s shoes are not meant only for one purpose, their stylish and clean look is very fashionable. At first look they feel like party wear, You can wear regular blue jeans, it looks cool!

The ortholite midsole provides maximum comfort and stability with every step you make. A lightweight insole that feels like walking on the clouds. The thick rubber outsole for better traction in demanding conditions.

We’ve found a little issue on the wet surface and find them slippery sometimes. But in summer this is the best option for ladies to wear while playing golf.



  • Not So Good On Wet Conditions
  • Need To Be Clean After Use
  • Size Issues For Narrow Feet


  • Overall Best – Skechers W Max Waterproof Golf Shoes For Ladies
  • Best Waterproof Shoes – ECCO Biom Hybrid Waterproof Golf Shoe For Women
  • Best For Superior Comfort – FootJoy Flex Ladies Golf Shoes With Arch Support

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