What is Pickleball Game? How It’s Different From Tennis?

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pickleball Court

Pickleball is a racket(Paddle) sport that involves hitting a ball back and forth over a net much like tennis or badminton. Even in this case, the players are playing singles that are one versus one. also this game can be played two on two, which is called doubles. 

The rules and court size is the same as singles. Many people like to play doubles because there’s a smaller territory they have to cover by themselves. It’s an social game just like, Tennis, volleyball, baseball, basketball and Paintball.

Pickleball Kit and Shoes For Pickleball?

There are 4 basic equipment’s you need for pickleball game. pickleball Paddle, pickleball Ball, pickleball Court with identified dimensions, and Net. These equipment are specially made according to the intensity of the pickleball game.

Franklin X-40 Pickleball

The pickleball ball is made of lightweight plastic and has holes in it. the official pickleball which is commonly being used is Franklin X-40 Pickleball. its manufactured with a premium quality and best to play on outdoor courts.

pickleball ball Franklin X-40

Pickleball Paddles

A pickleball paddle resembles an oversized ping-pong paddle. It’s made of lightweight graphite or carbon fiber. So, they have a general sense of the pickleball game.

Pickleball Paddle

A comfortable shoes is a must if you plan on playing the game of pickleball. If you want to buy a new shoe for yourself, you’re welcome to visit our pickleball shoes category.

We’ve listed some best court shoes that are specially made for pickleball game. you’ll find a good variety in women’s pickleball court shoes, as well as men’s shoes.

Moreover, we’ve designed a shopping guide to help you find the best court shoes for pickleball in no time. described some key points to consider before shopping.

Can You Play Pickleball On A Tennis Court?

A pickleball game is officially being played on both indoor courts and outdoor courts Just like volleyball and basketball. But pickleball court size is much smaller than tennis court.

The court size for pickleball is 30*60. This is the standard court size if you’re playing on a tennis court. While playing on a tennis court you need better traction and lateral stability.

Pickleball Court

Is Pickleball A Professional Sport?

The Pickleball popularity is increasing day by day, and fans are loving this game. Not only kids but adults also love to play pickleball on holidays. 

Overall this sports has a large fan base in the world. The pickleball association (PPA) presently has 48 member countries from Asia, Africa, South Africa, Europe, and the USA.
Moreover, they participate in dozens of PRO pickleball tournaments that are held throughout the year.
There are speculations that this Social game will soon be a part of the Olympics. That would be great if that happens.

Generally, This game can be played on outdoor and indoor courts just like other court games. Relatively, on both courts you need the best pair to play an impressive game.

Pickleball Rules

Just like other racket sports, if your opponents hit the ball out of bounds you earn a point out, your opponents are in the point. If you hit the ball in the net, you aren’t allowed to touch the ball with your body.

So, if you get hit, that is you get hit by the ball you lose the point. There are a few special rules in pickleball. Let’s take a look! 


All points in this game begin with a service; the server must be hit from behind the baseline without a bounce. The serve must be an underhand motion and the ball has to go diagonally across the court, the server must also land more than seven feet past the net.

ball and Paddle

There’s a line up near the net that indicates the seven-foot mark. The serve landed well beyond that line. So, the service would be considered good and you would hit it back to begin the Point.

The first two shots of a pickleball point must be allowed to bounce.

So, your opponent is letting the ball bounce after your serve. When he hits it back to you. you will also let it bounce from this point on. We can hit it before or after a bounce this is known as the to bounce rule.

Hitting the ball before it bounces is known as the volume. You can only volley if you’re standing at least seven feet from the net.

The white line indicates that seven-foot mark. So, if you’re going to play a volley, that is to hit it without a bounce, you have to be behind that line when you make contact.

Read More About Pickleball Rules Here. USAPickleball.

When Was Pickleball Invented?

Courtesy To Wikipedia

The pickleball game started during the summer of 1965 on Bainbridge Island, Washington, at the home of Joel Pritchard, who later served in Congress and as lieutenant governor. 

He and two of his friends, Bill Bell and Barney McCallum. They’re returning from golf and found their families bored one Saturday afternoon.

Founders Of this game

They attempted to set up badminton, but no one could find the shuttlecock.
They improvised with a Waffle ball, lowered the badminton net, and fabricated paddles of plywood from a nearby shed.

McCallum made the first paddles that were specifically for pickleball on his basement bandsaw.

He tried several alternative paddles, but one he called “M2” became the best paddle for pickleball of choice for most players.


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