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You can wear golf shoes casually but not every golf shoe is suitable for wearing casually. There have been debates over whether golf shoes are suitable to wear casually outside of the golf course. 

Some believe that golf shoes should only be restricted to the golf course. However, others believe a spikeless golf shoe can be a suitable substitute for casual footwear. When it comes to golf, there has been a much stricter dress code than in other social sports or team sports.

Specifically, a golf shoe is designed for golfers to provide maximum support and grip while swinging. Their supportive features is totally different from a typical sneakers being used for other outdoor athletic activities. 

Generally, golf shoes have spikes on the heel and the sole. It helps to improve the performance of a golfer by improving grip and traction while playing. Even more, they’re suitable to play disc golf(Frisbee golf).

Golf Shoes to wear casually

Types Of Golf Shoes

spikeless shoes
Spikeless Outsole
Spiked golf shoes
Spiked Outsole

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Golf shoes have two distinct varieties. The first is spikeless golf shoes that are designed for beginners who play golf occasionally and do not swing as hard or have a more relaxed playing style. This type of golf shoe has cleats on the sole and heel, but not the same kind of aggressive cleats like traditional golf shoes do. This outsole traction can make them more comfortable to wear casually.

The second type of golf shoes are traditional spiked golf shoes. These are designed for professional golfers, who swing with more power and require more aggressive cleats for stability. These spike shoes for golf can provide excellent stability and support but may not be the comfortable option for casual wear. Many people who prefer to wear golf shoes casually believe they provide more flexibility and cushioning for comfort. 

A spikeless golf shoe can also be a great choice for those who are fashion-conscious. With the wide variety of styles, colors and designs available for both men’s and for women’s in the market. It is possible to select golf shoes that are just as cool looking as any other type of trainer or running shoe. 

Moreover, golf shoes have well cushion midsoles that can provide excellent arch support and remain comfortable to wear throughout the day. This orthotics feature is best for those who need extra comfort and support for their feet to walk or standing all day.


Spikeless golf shoes can provide more adequate cushioning and flexibility that makes them a comfortable golf shoe for casual wear. Additionally, with their variety of styles, colors, and designs, these non spiked golf shoes can actually be quite fashionable. For those considering wearing golf shoes casually, the decision is ultimately up to them. However, it is important to consider comfort and appropriateness.

You can wear golf shoes casually but not every golf shoe is suitable for wearing casually. However, some believe a spikeless golf shoe can be a casual footwear if needed. 

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