What Is Basketball Dunking & NBA Championship Rings?

Basketball dunking is the most thrilling part of the game. When a player jumps high in the air for slamming the basketball into the hoop with one or both of his hands, it’s called dunking. And it counts as a straight two-points field goal.

Slam dunk in basketball

A slam Dunk or simply dunking is very impressive and a entertaining thing to do in basketball. Many big NBA stars are famous for their dunking abilities.

Due to highly increased NBA’s popularity. Many well-known leagues have started organizing slam dunking competitions for entertainment purposes. where every computing basketball player is judged by their dunking skills.

Basketball Slam Dunk

Dunking enhances the beauty of this game, and every player has a dream of a slam dunk, but dunking is not an easy thing to do for every player.
Sometimes, dunking is painful. Because there are big chances for knocking other’s hand, wrist, or forearm to the rim. Moreover, the landing of that high jump will take a charge on the knees and the ankle area.
Every professional player always uses the recommended shoes for impressive outcomes.

Now you can understand the importance of dunking in basketball. And wanted to dunk the ball into the net and win the game for your team. You need to improve your vertical jump.

Or you need a basketball shoe that make you jump higher. We can help you to find the best basketball shoe for yourself.
We already discussed Some best jumping shoes in our previous articles and these bouncy basketball shoes will make you jump higher.

NBA Championship Rings

NBA Championship Rings

The National Basketball Association (NBA) has started awarding rings to the winning team since the first finals in 1947.

These NBA championship rings are given to everyone, who is associated with the winning team throughout the tournament .
From team owner to the team members, ball boy, and front desk staff. Couse they helped them win with their association with the teams for a whole tournament.

Michael Jordan Rings
NBA Legend (Michael Jordan)

Nowadays, replica copies of these NBA rings are available at Amazon, and many other shops. But, the official NBA championship ring is made of 14 karat Yellow Gold. That weighs 40 ounces and it contains a roundabout of 2.05-carat diamonds. 

Moreover, the ring contains player’s name, his shirt number, and season record along with the NBA logo.

Basketball Positions & Court Size

Basically, every NBA team has many players. But only 5 players can play at a time in 5 different positions. The tallest player in each team plays as a center.
However, a player from the substitution box can be allowed to substitute or re-enter the same game. And there is no substitution limit in basketball.
5 general positions in basketball.

1 Center, 2 Power Forward, 3 Small Forward, 4 Point Guard, And 5 Shooting Guard

Basketball Court

A basketball court Size in feet.

91.86ft long
49.21ft wide.
The total playing area 4520.43 ft²

if run-offs and sidelines are required. 7290.5ft²