Best Budget Basketball Shoes You Can Get In 2024

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Basketball, a sport loved and played by millions around the world, demands a specialized type of footwear that can provide the necessary support, traction, and performance on the court. While some basketball shoes come with hefty price tags, there is a growing market for budget-friendly options that offer exceptional value without compromising on quality.

In this article, we will explore the significance of budget basketball shoes and provide valuable insights into finding the best affordable options.

Whether you’re a casual player or a dedicated athlete on a budget, understanding the key factors and top brands in this category will empower you to make an informed decision and enhance your basketball experience without breaking the bank.

Under Armour Unisex-Adult Lockdown 6
Under Armour Lockdown 6
  • Breathable mesh upper
  • Best Budget Basketball Shoes 2024
  • Air mesh tongue for added breathability
  • Durable solid rubber outsole
Adidas Men’s Own the game 2.0
Adidas Men’s Own the game 2.0
  • 100% Textile Synthetics
  • Men’s basketball shoes for all-game comfort
  • Durable Upper Material
  • Light motion cushioning enhances dynamic movements
Adidas Trae Unlimited Basketball Shoe
Adidas Trae Unlimited Basketball Shoe
  • Trae Young basketball shoes
  • Lightweight Bounce cushioning
  • Low Top Design Shoe
  • Durable quality rubber outsole

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Pair of White Air Jordan 1's

Performance features

When shopping for budget basketball shoes, it’s important to prioritize performance features that can enhance your game. Look for shoes with good traction to help you stop and change direction quickly. Cushioning is also crucial to absorb impact and reduce the risk of injuries, so opt for shoes with adequate cushioning in the midsole.


While budget-friendly shoes may not last as long as the high-end options, durability is still a key factor to consider. Look for shoes with sturdy materials that can withstand the rigors of the game. Reinforced toe caps and strong outsoles can help extend the lifespan of your shoes.

Balancing price and quality

Finding the right balance between price and quality is essential when choosing budget basketball shoes. Avoid going for the cheapest option, as they may sacrifice important features. Instead, look for shoes that offer a good balance of price and quality, ensuring you get the most value for your money.

Top 8 Cheapest Basketball Shoes You Can Get Right Now!

We’ve made this list with the top rated basketball shoes under $100 and less. These are the best hoops having all the essential features you’ll need while playing with them. They’re the most affordable and well performing basketball shoes, I’ve tried to gather these from every big athletic play-wear brands, like NIKE, Adidas, Puma, etc.

Under Armour Lockdown 6Best For Comfort

Under Armour Unisex-Adult Lockdown 6

Under Armour Lockdown 6 is the best budget basketball shoe under $100. It has a durable mesh upper that is breathable and has synthetic overlays for ventilation. It has a lightweight EVA midsole that is very responsive and protects your lateral motion.

This low budget basketball shoe has a full-length herringbone traction pattern outsole for maximum stability. This Under Armour men’s basketball shoe is extremely comfortable, having foot pain relieving orthotic features that podiatrist recommend for those who suffer foot pain or ankle injury.

Adidas Dame 5 Best Basketball Shoe Under $100

Adidas Dame 5 by theshoeinfo

If you wanted a signature shoe at a fairly good price and is a banger on the court. You should check out this Adidas Dame 5. However, Damian Lillard’s game speaks for itself. These Adidas great looking basketball shoes give you a touch of Dame’s unique swagger. 

This bouncy basketball sneaker features a new cushion setup that’s called bounce pro. This is supposed to be a dual-density foam setup. The lightweight and bouncy cushioning allows you to jump higher and protect your hard landings.

Under Armour Men’s Spawn 3Best For Youth & Kids

Under Armour Spawn 3

Under Armour spawn 3 is an amazing basketball shoe at a very affordable price. It has a lightweight synthetic mesh upper and a full-length Micro G cushioning in the midsole to support your lateral moves. This is the best traction Basketball shoe whether you’re playing on a clean court or a dusty court you won’t really have any problems.

The spawn 3 features a radial traction pattern. it’s a modified radial and it has the x’s in certain areas of the shoe. This men’s jumping shoe is available in multi different color styles at the cheapest price.

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Under Armour 3zer0 Cheapest Basketball Shoe 2024

Under Armour Best Budget Basketball Shoes

These awesome hoops from Under Armour are the best budget basketball shoe and has that molded Maxprene™ upper that is really going to give you amazing breathability and comfort once you lace up. Also, It has a really cool high end style and the back heel strap helps you get them on and off easily.

It does have an EVA sock-liner on the bottom of the footbed for some excellent shock absorption with that really thick dual-density midsole. It’s got micro G foam and charged cushioning material that really gives you that amazing blend of comfort and energy return for high jumping.

This men’s best budget basketball shoe has a durable outsole with that really unique traction design on it. Really helps keep you steady and gives you the fantastic flex that you need while playing or walking.

PEAK Men’s Cheapest Multi Purpose Basketball Shoes

Peaks Best Budget Basketball SHoes

These PEAK’s most affordable High Top men’s basketball shoes are very comfortable and unexpectedly good to play tennis too. You’ll feel protective while playing with them because of their high cut design.

This is one of the best basketball shoe for the budget in 2024. Its foam padded midsole has a bouncy cushioning that allows comfortable jumping and keeps your feet with comfort. Peak’s RB traction unit on the outsole area creates excellent traction on outdoor concrete courts as well as on the hardwood indoor courts.

Adidas Men’s Own the game 2.0 Best For The Budget Shoe

Adidas Men's Own the game 2.0

Update your basketball performance while staying comfortable and looking fashionable with this multiple sports court sneaker from Adidas.

This budget friendly Basketball sneaker is made with a regular wide fit style and it’s got a molded TPU counter in the back with an easy lace-up on the front to give you a secure fit.

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PUMA Men’s Court Rider Summer Days

PUMA Men's Court Rider Summer Days

Puma Court Rider Summer Days is a most affordable basketball shoe under $100. when you hit the court this summer, kit yourself out In shoes designed to take your game to the next level. With these classic features like Full-Length rider foam in the midsole, engineered specifically for the demands of basketball. You’ll feel like you’re walking (Or Running) on air.

The thick rubber outsole make this the best budget basketball shoe for guards. Meanwhile it has a high-abrasion, sticky rubber compound that will give you the grip you need to make your opponents’ jaws hit the ground. Game on.

basketball shoes for extreme comfort

Final Words

finding the best budget basketball shoes is not about compromising on performance or quality. With careful consideration of factors such as performance features, durability, and price, as well as exploring reputable brands known for their affordability, you can find the perfect pair of basketball shoes that fit your budget and elevate your game. Remember to prioritize proper fit, comfort, and support, as these elements contribute to an enhanced playing experience. By making an informed decision, you can invest in budget basketball shoes that provide excellent value for your money, ensuring you can focus on what matters most – enjoying the game and giving it your all on the court.

1. Can budget basketball shoes deliver adequate performance on the court?

Budget basketball shoes may not have all the high-end features of premium models, but they can still provide satisfactory performance. Many affordable options offer solid traction, decent cushioning, and sufficient support for recreational or amateur players. It’s important to research and choose budget shoes from reputable brands that prioritize performance even at lower price points.

2. Are budget basketball shoes durable enough for regular use?

While durability can vary among different budget basketball shoe models, many affordable options are designed to withstand regular wear and tear. It’s important to read reviews and consider factors like construction quality, materials used, and customer feedback to determine the durability of a particular shoe. Taking proper care of your shoes, such as cleaning them regularly and avoiding excessive outdoor use, can also help extend their lifespan.

3. How do I ensure the budget basketball shoes fit me properly?

Proper fit is crucial for basketball shoes, regardless of the price range. To ensure a good fit, measure your feet accurately and refer to size charts provided by the manufacturer. Reading customer reviews and feedback about sizing can also be helpful. If possible, try on the shoes before purchasing or make sure there is a return/exchange policy in case the fit is not right. Additionally, consider wearing the same type of socks you plan to use while playing to ensure an accurate fit.

4. Can I find budget basketball shoes with specific features like ankle support or cushioning?

Yes, many budget basketball shoe models offer specific features like ankle support or cushioning. Some brands prioritize incorporating such features even in their affordable options. However, the level of support and cushioning may not be as extensive as in high-end models. It’s important to carefully read product descriptions and user reviews to identify budget shoes that offer the specific features you prioritize for your playing style and needs.

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