Disc Golf VS Golf – Can I Wear Golf Shoes For Disc Golf?

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Let’s talk about disc golf vs golf and their equipment plus footwear.

The difference between Disc golf and Traditional Golf? and can a golf shoe be the right choice for discing? I found these topics on social media, people were asking these questions and I thought, I should explain whatever I’ve experienced while researching each category.

golf shoes for disc golf

These social sports are much similar to each other by rules but they both required different equipment to play. As you know in golf, you need a golf stick better known as a Golf club, and Golf Balls, and according to the rules, whoever put the ball in the hole with the fewest hits, is the winner.

In disc golf, instead of golf clubs and balls, you need a Disc (Frisbee) and a basket to play. However, the rules are same, putting the disc into the basket or other decided target with the fewest throws is the winner.

Playing Equipment – Golf vs Disc Golf

Are Golf Shoes Can Be Used For Disc Golf? 

The golf shoes are divided into 2 categories, spikeless and spiked golf shoes. What golf shoe is better or what should I wear and when? It depends on the course where you normally play golf.

The spiked shoes are meant for extreme conditions because they have cleats on their outsoles for maximum stability in demanding conditions.

spiked shoes

The spikeless golf shoes have hard and aggressive rubber nubs on their outsoles. They’re friendlier than spiked shoes because you don’t need to change them when you’re off the field, even if you can drive with them and they’re comfortable to walk on hard tracks. 

The spikeless shoes are more look like a fashionable trainer or court shoe, and these stylish looking golf sneakers are much suitable to wear casually.

Moreover, they’re cheaper, lightweight, and can be used for different purposes, like trail walking or backpacking.

spikeless Shoe

Disc Golf

The Disc golf is being played on different surfaces, like clay surfaces, hilly surfaces, and on greens. These conditions are much similar to the traditional golf courses. In my opinion, a trail running shoe or waterproof shoes are suitable for disc golf.

But generally, I’ve seen that people prefer hiking shoes to wear for playing disc golf. Basically for me, it’s totally a personal preference. You can wear what you like but that shoe must-have durable material, Great Grip, Weather Resistance, and Comfortable.

So, If you’re looking for the best budget shoes for golf or disc golf. I believe you’ll find the best shoe for yourself from gathered lists.

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